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  1. Oh, this has been photocopied by HFO and I scanned it using an industrial scanner to retain as much quality as possible. Go figure.
  2. Hello, Sorry it's been a while, been through a break up and had to deal with all the financial and emotional **** that goes with that, so focus was else where. Now back to beat HFO Services Ltd! Right attached is the signed document that HFO sent me, that shows the agreement between me and Barclaycard all those moons ago!!!20110609174225.pdf20110609174225.pdf
  3. It is my student application form, but it is purely my personal details which are enclosed. The credit agreement (small print that isn't readable in one small section on the bottom section) is partially covered by a bar coded sticker. I will scan tomorrow when at work if you so required, but it is hardly legible. I am getting more and more letters from HFO, now threatening legal action. Is their light at the end of the tunnel? I want to get them off my credit record, including the past, and off my back.
  4. UPDATE - I finally received the agreement from HFO regarding my signed agreement with Barclaycard, however, despite telling them to stop calling me they haven't so I've got the call complaint letter which is being sent today.I suppose now they have supplied all the paper work (damn pesky little swines!), however, I believe that HFO Services have had their licence revoked. What should I do now?
  5. OK, so just to clarify, Barclaycard HAVE responded, HFO HAVEN'T responded, it's been a month today! So I need to send the dispute now?
  6. Right, I have had a response from Barclaycard, but only bank statements from the last 6 years (which do end in about June 2007). What is my Statute Barred Date? 6 months after the last time I paid any money to Barclaycard? I perceive being threatened and someone holding a knife to my throat, or telling me that they will kick my head in. Someone sending a letter isn’t threatening IMO, is there something specific in the text I should look out for? I will re-read tonight. I have still not had a response to HFO, yet they had the shortest response time of my letter (should have responde
  7. The link didn't work. Is this complaining directly to Experian? The funniest thing about all of this is... I work for Experian in their Credit Services delivery department. Should I know better than to get myself into a muddle with mobsters like HFO Services? Well yes of course, but when I had this Barclaycard, I was young, care free and credit illiterate! As mentioned earlier, I found the first mark from HFO on my Credit Report!
  8. Thanks!! I received another letter today from the charming HFO Services Ltd, and included my Experian E-Consumer information. The majority of the information is me, however it also includes somebody who I presume is now living at one of my previous addresses! Is this legal and right that they are sending this information to me?
  9. They've never explicitly told anyone they have spoken to what it is about, however their tone has been rather aggressive! Like 'Why is he never at his desk, does he never do any work' to which my collegue replied, 'Yes, he's in meetings, do you do any work apart from ring here!' I am in the process of doing the SAR and CCA now. Can you send a cheque, or does it have to be postal order.
  10. So, it has been a while, and I am now glad I bookmarked this page. I now have a gentleman (in the loosest sense of the word) ringing me. Firstly it was my next door neighbour, now it is my work phone. It started Friday and I ignored the number as I didn't know it. Then my collegue picked up the phone and he asked for me to ring him back. I didn't, 1 - I am quite busy, 2 - I knew it was from HFO as on Friday I got a letter from them asking for ~£1100 (My Barclaycard was only £500!). I don't want to contact them until I have a plan and assistance from you guys!! Anyway, I've today had
  11. My credit report only has linked addresses for barclaycard until 05/09/2004. This suggests the account defaulted around then... not 100% sure though.
  12. Sorry for poor formatting, it looked better in the quick reply box. Thanks for your quick response.
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