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  1. Hi, just to let you know position so far, I sent recorded delivery letter to Hampton Legal requesting a SAR the 12 days were up yesterday I have received a letter today saying they are investigating and will get back to me!!!, I have also received a receipt from them but only for the balances of the credit cards and not for the court costs, also received a letter from Kidderminster County Court claiming case closed as not enough evidence, where do I go from here, I need to try and recover the money back but want to make sure I am doing it properly
  2. Thanks for all your advice, it's been a great help, i am ready and waiting for them now, I just can't believe they can take over debts when most of the time they have not brought them off the last company, this must be fraud!!, I am so glad I have found this site
  3. Thanks debt4get for your advice, what do you mean these documents do not come under consumer credit act? what can they chase for and adding these two debts up comes over the £750. 00 again so could they try and send me to court over these debts? I just want to make sure I am waiting for them this time
  4. Just checked my credit rating again and surprise surprise to default entries from Lowell Portolio for I think mobile phone contracts one defaulted 01/12/06 for £293. 00 and the other one defaulted 01/01/07 for £500.00, I think because i have paid the other debts they think I am a easy target now :mad2:I am going to wait for the debt letter to come and then ask for a SAP, is that the right thing to do, I don't think they have brought the debt as when I spoke to Graeme Dandy on the 12/10/10 he did say he had found 2 other debts and then all of a studden two new defaults show on my credit rating
  5. Right I started to get letters and phone calls about a outstanding debt to Barclaycard from Lowell first after letting them a dozen times that the debt was not mine and sending several letters I still got calls and letters, then on a friday afternoon I was in the garden when a chap turned up got out of his car and asked if I was Mrs E Dunn I said yes and he told me he was there to hand me a statutory demand for a barclaycard debt, I told him I have never had a barclaycard and the debt was not mine so he throw the letter at me and got in his car and drove off, I then write to Hampton Legal agai
  6. Could anyone give me advice on what steps I need to do now please
  7. what is the best move now, and what sort of letter do I need to send to them, thank you so much for your help I was so worried sick and my poor dad who is 80 years old is out of pocket by £1832.00
  8. I was so scared of losing my home that I pay the debt, I have checked my credit report and they is nothing on there for barclaycard, my husband as just rung Hampton legal and they are going to send agreement paperwork for barclaycard so this will be interesting, I am not going to let this go now, I am so upset that scumb*bags can do this to people
  9. Hi I am new here, Had a really bad week, I had Hampton Legal hand deliver a statutory demand for a debt to barclaycard in 2004 for £855.51, I have never had a barclaycard and rang and explained this to them and no one would listen, I was then delivered by hand a Creditor's Bankruptcy petition to be in court on the 12/10/10, I sent several more letters claiming never to have owed a credit card and also rang a dozen times to speak to puppets, in the end on 11.10.10 my husband rang again and was told that I would have to pay £1812. 32 which included the barclaycard also now a capital one card and
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