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  1. Just to let you know, eBay paid me the refund. I was really surprised when I opened my Paypal account and the money was there because they hadn't even emailed me to say it was on it's way!
  2. Hi, I have joined to try to get help with a problem with eBay which I have posted under retail, general. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks x Thanks Buzby, I just don't understand why they would have offered a partial refund and then ignored me since I accepted it. Strangely, the seller phoned me yesterday to ask if I had received the refund as he wants me to remove the negative feedback I left for him.
  3. I can’t actually believe that there is no forum for eBay so hope I am in the right place for advice on my case against them. I am sorry it is a bit long winded but hope someone can advise me what to do next. In August (2010) I bought a bed via eBay after contacting the seller several times to explain my circumstances and what I required from a bed. Basically, I am a cancer patient and am having severe pain on my surgery side which is keeping me awake and lack of sleep is just adding to my problems. I explained that I wanted a memory foam mattress as I had been told one of these would
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