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  1. hello all well that went well today NOT:0( big rubber stamp on charging order for nationwide. tried to get condictions ie installments order, not defalted on no further action taken ie order for sale and was responded basicly not my problem if nationwide require to take it further will be delt by some one else at another hearing where you can voice your opinion there, many thanks for nothing soz guys just feeling deflated:???:
  2. hi all and many thanks cymruambyth some really useful info many thanks. should i send in my objection/defence to the judge before the hearing in october ie my letter of objection, mrs letter and income and expenditure.
  3. many many thanks and please can I ask if I can have some help on what I need to put in my objection would it help to send the objection to the land registry office as well as to the judge before the hearing and can i put things like my income and expenditure and what kind of statement would I need from me and my wife . many thanks markybeats
  4. Hello all sorry to be a pain but please im in really need of help i have had interim charging order papers sent by the court and have a hearing set for charging order on the 11th october, i tried to get an instalment order put in place before i recieved these but was told it was to late for the instalment order to be applied for and would be a waist of the fee so i waited for the ICO papers(now recieved) to come but i have also recieved papers form the land registry office about a "notice of an application to register a restriction against the land B136(co) is this nationwide applying for the
  5. thank you can I please ask something else do I need to wait for the court docs first and is it true do I have 28 days from the date of the order of forthwith b4 they can get an interim charging order. many thanks markybeats
  6. thank you can I please ask something else do I need to wait for the court docs first and is it true do I have 28 days from the date of the order of forthwith b4 they can get an interim charging order. many thanks markybeats
  7. phoned payplan day after redtermination and they said I need to fill out an b425 form and £35 as soon as I recieveid docs from court along am confused to why please help?
  8. ohh and for got to add sols cost did get added to debt :0(
  9. Hello to all please hoping that some could please help me ? I had a overdraft with nationwide but due to financal difficulty i had to give up the account which left me with an £2000 overdraft to pay back as well as 2 credit cards as from my previous threads. contacted payplan via CAB and was put on a DMP and arranged payments of £20.56 to nationwide overdraft. in october 2010 recieved a phone call from kpr(nationwide)asking me that if i could pay £75 to them to bring my overdraft down below my agreed limit they would accept my offer of payment unfortunatly i couldnt at that time(an
  10. HI ALL sorry its been so long sine i last posted sorting out with other creditors, but got some fantastic news i had my redetermination with NWCC at the begining of feb and won the district judge said that the the amount set by payplan was resonable enough and that i have to keep paying that set amount with a review in 12 months time so i would like to thank andy whom helped me on this issue many thanks again :0) now got to go through it all again with nationwide bank :0)
  11. hi to all just an update received letter from swindon county court saying that redetermination transfered to my local county court just waiting for a date as of yet hope all is well with you all markybeats
  12. hello all just a update court received redetermination letter today so hopefully get a response from that soon hope all is good in the world of CAG today :0) markybeats
  13. hello thanks for the advice, unfortunately the envelope the DN came in was thrown out by my misses (my fault i left it on the side real untidy soso me) but i did put down the date on my calender when i received the DN and it came on the 3rd of october and its requested me to pay outstanding balence by 29/10/10 well within time frame so i believe so i sent them an i+e along wth offer of monthly payment, guess i'll just have to wait and see. many thanks again markybeats
  14. well got some good and bad news today cca was delivered but no one signed for it so i got cca back and oh bother they produced a copy of the original sighed agreement along with old and up to date terms and conditions ohh poo, so now waiting for me sar to come back now but wont get that till december will post agreement on soon dont know what else to do at the mo just wait and see what they are going to do :0$
  15. thanks once again andy will send redetermination tomorrow now as i couldnt get to post office today but saying that i might not want to as seems that they have missed placed my CCA request to egg but might send it via guaranteed next day costs a bit more but guaranteed to get there :0) could only borrow some of what i need might get myself to cash maker lol:0)
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