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  1. Haha, i take it that it wasnt your signature on the 'application form' then?
  2. Well done chap, heres hoping my a&l/mbna goes the same way, 2 1/2 years to go lol (not optimitistic though)
  3. Sorry if this came across the wrong way, i was just trying to point the OP to the assignment paperwork mentioned in the video in case they were getting cheeky in that respect. I cant confess to knowing about freemen stuff but i just noticed the similarity in the Marlin/MBNA bits that Phatram has got going. Also to throw in their sending it back to MBNA kind of made me think can you actually trust anything they say? Apologies if this has derailed anywhere, it wasnt my intention.
  4. He also does a fantastic video on how the credit system works which is well worth 55 minutes of anyones time. I appreciate it has been done to death but it really comes across as clear to understand and can only be helpful when dealing with banks and dca's. Here it is for anyone interedted.
  5. Sorry Phatram, it seems to me that when he got the charging order he was not in the know of how things should perhaps work. Not sure really, but the important point to me which may or may not apply to you is who actually owns the debt? It seems that when this fellow pushed and complained Marlin just 'assigned it back to MBNA' but wouldnt show any documentation to prove any of the assignments. Neither would they show results of their investigation. Which speaks volumes. Their bluff was called and they just handed it back. Someone somewhere was lying. Sorry if it doesnt srticlty apply to you but it just jumped out at me as similar situations. Should you be asking of proof of ownership of the debt perhaps? I am not very wise to this stuff yet so apologies if i am talking rubbish
  6. Hi Phatram, you REALLY need to watch this video. I think it will be a great help to you. It is regarding Marlin, MBNA and their dodgy assignments. They are being taken to court by the chap in the video who is an ex bank manager and knows his stuff. He is in the SAME boat as you with charging order etc. He also had that letter above and has them falling over their lies on tape. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwa2rKV5owA
  7. Hi there, can i ask what address you are sending the SAR request to? I need to do the same to get ppi information but am not sure where the letter should go. Thanks
  8. Hi Fred, i am about to claim against Chartered for PPI on an MFI kitchen which we were told we had to have (it said optional but it was made clear it needed to be chosen! (from 2000). Who did you send the complaint to?
  9. As Cadbury says, it seems mbna are getting things in order before they quit the UK. I am beginning to think i will be the last to get a letter lol. Hope your chin is still up LL
  10. There has been a lot of mbna sales to arrow over the last couple of weeks. Must be clearing the decks before they give up the UK card market.
  11. This thread seems a bit surreal
  12. No LL, no letters for a few months and no dca's yet but i know it will come eventually. Vic is correct on the charging order from what i have read. Is the house in your own name or shared? Apparently that can mean the difference between a chargin order or a restriction. But then again i could be wrong and no one would be suprised
  13. Brian Blessed? He is my favourite bearded wonder (where is Tingy by the way, anyone know?)
  14. minmoo

    MBNA CCA - Is it legal?

    Which is strangely when people have the least money. Could be to do with xmas i guess lol
  15. Wise words flowerchild, i have been waiting a year for a cca on my mbna card (which was originally another bank). At least they told me they cany currently comply with my request. Everyday without a letter on the mat is good news for me. Take a deep breath and relax Clare Marshall
  16. I think it is a fine line CB, if you stop replying totally then a dca may think they can slip it through court unnoticed. I guess you learn as you go on which are the 'more serious' letters that need a reply.
  17. Have they given you a reconstituted version at all?
  18. Well as you all know, my nervousness was clear in the early days but opinions are prone to change and mine did just that I was desperate to try and negotiate initially and do things the right way but since they werent interested i will now only discuss when they show some paperwork. LL, once the fear of default has passed then there is less to worry about. I reckon things like this are cyclic and they will most likely be begging people to take out credit again in the next boom. But i wont be involved, lessons have been learned Vic, i reckon the big Silvio is beyond even CAG's helping hand. One day his crooked ways will return to bite him on the derriere (and most likely a few other puppet leaders at the rate things are declining lol) And it is good to see you both in fine spirits, this is nothing they can jail or kill you for so as the late great bill hicks once said, 'The world is just a ride in an amusement park'. Love and links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMUiwTubYu0
  19. All quiet here LL, they have defaulted me so i am just waiting to see who gets in touch next. Still no cca of any description. I see the state of the worlds government and their debts and worry even less!
  20. Hi Fred, i havent had one of these yet but my last letter was to notify me they were considering their options and they would let me know. This could well be what i get. Still no cca in any form for me though. Keep fighting and updating
  21. Oh well, its been quiet for a while but today a letter has popped through the door which includes both a notice of assignment from Shop Direct and an introduction to Lowells. Lowells go on to say that they have been SOLD the debt so i assume that means they are not acting on behalf of and they most likely bought the debt cheap. Looking forward to telling them that the cca is a disgrace and all the details are incorrect. But as per general advice, i will ignore the first correspondance I wonder how much a DCA pays for a lemon these days? Incidentally, the default was supposed to happen in May but it still doesnt show on my credit file!
  22. So are they looking to push the A&L one through with the MBNA one as that is the one with a complete enforceable agreement? Get it through court sneakily?
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