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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Apologies for putting in a stupid question (the one above). I have found the actual court thing very intimidating and scary, one of the reasons why I delayed. Silly I know but there you are. Anyway, I've read all the FAQs loads of times yet still find myself panicking when I reach the next stage. Thankfully I've recovered, found the bit in the templates section and got on with it. Sally
  3. Well, for all sorts of reasons, I delayed taking things further for a while then I took the plunge and put my claim into the court. I was just getting worried that I hadn't received a reply when I got the defence and court questionnaire yesterday. I'm ok about most of the questions but not sure what to put in the "other information" box. I tried to submit all correspondence when I first submitted my claim but the woman behind the desk refused to accept it then. Infact she made me rewrite my claim form when I'd written it out as suggested in the library section of this site. Really silly as it
  4. I've just re read my last letter to the bank which was my LBA, I've included most of it here. I think I'll give them the 14 days as although they've sent their final, final response, it seems you never know with them. What I find quite amusing is that each of my three letters received from the bank about this has been sent by a different person. The first was a Ms Siddique, the first final response was from David Just and the final final response was from Andrew Watkins. I think they must tip the sacks in the middle of the floor and everyone grabs a handful at a time no matter who they're a
  5. Having read threads etc I have a question about when to do the claim thing. Having given the bank 14 days to refund the charges and receiving the 'get lost' letter, do I still stick to the 14 days or do I assume the 'get lost' letter is all I'll get from them and do the claim now? Sally
  6. Hi, I had the same problem but if you go to the home page for consumer action group at the top is a section called Bank Templates Library - they're all in there. Sally
  7. That's the same person I got my get lost letter from. Did he also tell you the bank wouldn't be replying to anymore letters you send? He didn't answer my query about charges applied that shouldn't have been even using their twisted justification Sallt
  8. No as for some reason I couldn't find them (under "templates" I know but my brain obviously wasn't functioning). I didn't think it would be going too far wrong if I just asked for a copy of the charges but things went faster than I expected. I honestly just thought I'd get a list of the charges and that would be it until I wrote the second letter asking them to refund them as I didn't in the first, I just told them I would be doing. The letter I got back with the list of charges was the same as the ones people were posting on the site with the list of reasons why they were entitled to take the
  9. Well, it all didn't actually go as I expected. My first letter just said that I wanted to claim back the charges and was enclosing a cheque for £10 to cover the DPA info. The reply included a record of all charges applied to the account plus an immediate offer of £420. My next letter said that it wasn't enough and I wanted the full £1669 to which David Just sent the final response letter. I was left a bit stunned as it hadn't happened as I expected and even though he said it was the final response I sent them another querying two charges of £192 for which I could find no justification and givi
  10. Well, I received my 'final response' letter from Mr Just (he really is badly named don't you think?). I got 2 copies of the N1 form from the court incase I mess up the first one, and have just found an online one from the templates bit on the site so I think I might use that. I used the excel file to calculate the interest, I should be getting another £200 out of LTSB purely because they want to go to court, I think they must be mad but I suppose £200 is nothing to them - wish I could say the same. I have to say I'm finding the whole process quite exciting if a little scary. It all seems to
  11. Hi, to an untrained eye they seem to cover what's needed. Could I possibly use them if/when LTSB take me that far? ( obviously with my own details in). Sally
  12. Well, I just started this week. I sent my first letter on Monday asking for a list of all charges applied to my account since January 2003 and enclosed a cheque for £10. I was amazed to receive a reply today - I thought it would take much longer. When I read it they had waived the £10 charge as a gesture of good will (haha) and made an opening offer of £420. Ha, I worked it out and they owe me £1665 so I think it's safe to say I won't be accepting their offer. Sally
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