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  1. Just checking in - still all quiet for me; not heard a peep from Apex. Most odd. All other DCA's I've had to deal with have been very persistent. How is everyone else doing?
  2. OK, thankyou. Checked my reports today on checkmyfile and it seems to have been removed from all 3 CRA's so it seems they gave me misleading information.
  3. So Equifax should in fact remove it after 6 years regardless of whether they have it marked as satisfied or not? This is good news if true as it will save me a lot of hassle.
  4. No, not defaulted. So I guess this means that they stay for 6 years after closure then - ie it would have been better to default than to try to keep up payments after I got into arrears...brilliant. Thanks for your help.
  5. I have the same issue - I contacted Checkmyfile about this & they told me that the entries do not fall off after 6 years; the account (& all entries) show up until 6 years after the account is closed! Is this true? It means that for me bad debt is going to show for a lot longer than 6 years after it happened - eg late payments in 2006, but did not close the accounts until 2009. Can I do anything about this? I have contacted Equifax and have had no response. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I had a CCJ 6 years ago - I settled it in full within 2 months. However all 3 agencies are still showing it on my file & it should have dropped off this month (it is from Aug 06) I contacted checkmyfile about this & they said it would be removed after 1st Sept Equifax are still showing the CCJ as active even though it was paid in full Checkmyfile have told me that equifax will therefore not remove the CCj from my file even though it is over 6 years old Does this mean I need to go through the process of getting a certificate of satisfaction etc. to get this CCJ removed from my file? All I have is a receipt from the creditor (from the time of payment) showing the payment. I don't have a letter of satisfaction from them. One cofusing factor is that although I paid it in Sept 2006, the other 2 credit agencies show it as being satisfied in Nov 2008?! Does anyone have any advice?! Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi HB, Yes, we have legal protection cover up to £50,000 - my husband has spoken to them & they'll be ringing back later. He's also spoken to some lawyers who have all said that he doesn't have a case yet but might if they don't deal with the grievance properly - in other words he's got to go through the whole grievance palaver again. And with no witnesses so unlikely to be upheld if the Director denies it. In the meantime he's refusing to go back to work so won't be getting paid.
  8. Thanks - I think this is what he would prefer. However I am concerned as all I have read says that constructive dismissal cases are very hard to win. We also can't really live on my salary alone in the meantime & he's not had any luck with job hunting. So I'm at a complete loss as to what we can do really.
  9. Thank you. He's in the middle of preparing the grievance document now. What is the position about him returning to work? Obviously he doesn't want to be there but as he is no longer suspended and has had a 'successful' mediation is he obliged to be (considering this latest discovery -ie the showing of confidential documents to the whole department)?
  10. Hello, My husband has been going through a disciplinary & grievance procedure at work - to cut a long story short - following 18 months of bullying by his line manager he ended up shouting & swearing at him. His work decided this was gross misconduct and took him through a disciplinary. In the meantime he raised a grievance against his manager - which was upheld. He received a 12 month written warning (which he is appealing). They were sent to mediation (his line manager walked out on the first day but his company insisted he went back & they came to an agreement on the 2nd day). He has found out his line manager complained to the company that the mediator was biased (!) today was his first day back at work. he went in to see the IT Director who told him that he had shown my husband's 'log of incidents' (the log he had been keeping of everything that his manager had done to him/said in the office that was unacceptable over the past 18 months) to everyone in the office & that he was now a 'pariah' and that his colleagues all want to talk to him about it on a one to one basis. He also told him that his manager had been found not guilty of bullying him in his disciplinary (strange as the grievance was upheld?) presumably this is an illegal breach of confidence? He is raising a grievance against the IT director based on this but what else can we do?
  11. I guess I am wondering if Egg really did sell the debts to Apex though? I've never seen any proof & it's curious that they haven't chased any of us for several months.
  12. To update this thread - after a lot of hassle and inconvenience, my insurers have now agreed to repair my car. I'm not sure if this was after I sent my evidence re value of the car, or because I pointed out the (glaring) errors in their engineer's report, and obtained my own report - or becuase I told them I would go to the Ombudsman. They were also not able to find anywhere in their T & C's that they would not repair the car if the cost of repaiur was >60% of the value of the car (which is what they were telling me they were entitled to do). Either way, I am happy. This might offer some hope to others fighting the same battle to get the service that they have paid for from their insurance company.
  13. I still haven't heard anything - but just read that Barclays have bought Egg from Citi...anyone any idea what this might mean for us?
  14. It was the insurers themselves who asked me to send adverts showing the replacement cost of the vehicle (after I disputed the value). They haven't responded to the adverts I sent - but, why would they ask me to send them in in the first place?
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