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  1. Hello all I left my rented property on the 8th December after serving 2 months notice in accordance with my tenancy. I have still not received my deposit back so I thought I should start chasing my ex landlady. She tells me she has been too busy and has not yet been to the property to inspect it. She was very dismissive and said she will try and do it as soon as possible without actually committinfg herself to when. Obviously this is totally unsatisfactory, but I was wondering if any one could clarify to me her legal requirements in inspecting the property and hopefully returning the deposit to me? Surely, haven given her two months notice, it is not unreasonable to expect the deposit back almost immediately on leaving? Thanks for any responses.
  2. Great news, well done Reg! My Cap One claim was acknowledged on 23/11/06 so maybe I too can expect some good news any time soon?
  3. Bobbadog I can't really advise you as I'm no expert, but I can speak from my experience with Cap One. I know that it is CapOne's policy to class full and final settlements as part settlements. What this means is they won't pursue you any further for the money but it will still show outstanding on your credit file. My understanding is that any reduction given to you in a part settlement has to now be taken off any payout for unlawful fees, so what they are saying in that regards is probably right. But what is definitely wrong is you are entitled to the whole £308, not just the difference between £12 and whatever fees you have been charged. Tell them you accept as part payment but will continue your claim for the full amount, though I'm afraid you will have to issue a claim for them to give in. Hope that helps
  4. Congratulations! But as Welshman says, don't forget to donate as without this website you wouldn't have got any of it back:)
  5. Congratulations Tracy. Hopefully you'll get your money quite quickly, I'm still waiting for mine . Think mine's taking longer because I have closed my account Enjoy the money
  6. Mike, this is what you need http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html Just send one copy to the court, one copy to Barclays, and one copy for yourself. Then just sit back and wait for your letter or phone call to discus settlement. Good luck!
  7. What do you want help with?? As far as I can see you have everything nicely under control. It looks like a standard defence with nothing out of the ordinary. Have you received the AQ yet? If so, fill it in and send it back. Then it's just a question of sitting back and waiting for the court date. That part may take some time, depending how busy your local court is. Good luck
  8. Its my mystic powers! Congratulations and make sure you get every last penny
  9. Good luck Andy, I would expect contact any time soon
  10. Did they claim they do not have to pay the daily interest then? I'm sure thay have to
  11. I just like to say Barclays seem to have developed a new tactic in the last few days. Quite a few claimants (me included) are being offered full settlement about 3-4 weeks before hearing dates so it is possible you may get an offer prior to submitting paperwork. Of course, there would be no guarantee that this would happen. It so happened that the day I posted my court bundle I arrived home to an offer of full settlement so in effect all those hours preparing the bundle were pointless. Good luck and fingers crossed you receive a full offer soon.
  12. Hi stevie I got home last night to find I too have one of these letters, are Barclays going all soft on us? there's almost 4 weeks to my hearing. The only discrepancy with mine is they have omitted to add on the daily rate of statutory interest since the claim was made so I will be making sure they add that on to the final amount. And one other sticking point, they are insisting the money is paid into my account with them. Slight problem here, the account has been closed! Will keep you updated and will let you know when I actually receive my money. Tracy - any sign of your letter yet? If not I think you can expect one any day soon. Good luck to everyone, stick with it and your day will come. p.s. they think my claim of over £2k is a modest amount too! It may be to them but it certainly aint to me!
  13. Stevie T, You lucky beggar!!! Your letter looks fine to me but maybe best to wait for a more expert opinion. There have been a few recent examples of Barclays settling a bit sooner lately, so maybe this is a change in tactic on their behalf? Who knows, but let's hope you receive the full amount very soon. I sent my bundle to Barclays yesterday so let's hope that triggers a similar offer to me very soon. Fingers crossed! (for you and me and everyone else!)
  14. Bit of advice please ! I've changed the figures for simplicity. I have £750 of unlawful charges on two accounts that were paid off by full and final settlements where I was given a reduction of £200. So I asked for Capital One to return £550 to me. (£750 charges less £200 reduction). They have offered the usual difference between £12 and £18/£20 so have offered to return £280, so they are offering to send me a cheque for £80 (the difference between the refund they are offering and the amount of the full and final reduction). This is not good enough, so onto filing a court claim but how much should my claim be for? They have offered £280, so should my claim be for £470? But as I haven't accepted as such, should my claim be for £750? Or £550?
  15. Don't think it matters Hackers. But as I said earlier, stick with it and you can have all your money back instead of just some of it. Good luck!
  16. Wow, now that is leaving it until the last minute! Enjoy the money yasmin
  17. congratulations Yasmin, but like you say I would not trust them. Turn up for court unless the money is in your account. There is no settlement until you have actually received the money.
  18. Mine took about 35 days as well but they didn't cash the cheque until about 2 months after I sent it.
  19. Don't worry burzmali, this is perfectly normal. Unfortunately the courts are inundated with claims like yours and you will have to expect to wait for a court date. Each court is different but I would say about 6-8 weeks is about normal. If it helps you to not worry, you could always ring the court for an update after about a month, just to make sure things are progressing. Hope that helps (even if it isn't what you wanted to hear)
  20. Congratulations Vince. I like the others, am amazed how easily you have got your money, but lets not detract from your fine victory. I wonder if this is the beginning of a new Barclays' tactic? Maybe they are finally accepting what we have been telling them all this time. They will not win!
  21. I think some people have. In my case, which admittedely is only £100's rather than £1000's, I have taken the difference off my claim. I settled a debt of £500 for £350 and am now claiming back charges of £750 but have taken off the £150 reduction I received from the early settlement. Making my claim £600. Not sure if this is a legal requirement, but is what I was advised to do. Others may have different views, but hope that helps a bit.
  22. Are you asking for £1679.73 in interest plus £1350 in charges, or is this the total of your claim £1679.73 including the charges and interest? Just trying to clarify?
  23. More than the usual 50% or less offer? You know the ropes well enough so you don't need me telling you to stick with it and go for the full amount .... (but thats what I'm thinking anyway!)
  24. it seems it is usually just two or three days before. they really do like to leave it until the last minute
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