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  1. Thanks for that. So relevance aside - I would be allowed to present them, i.e., there is nothing to say I cannot bring it (I have the other customer's permission)? Again all I have found re evidence in the small claims court is that there is wide discretion given to the judge in determining what evidence can/cannot be used and it is he that determines its relevance etc. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think it would be relevant as the issues I am experiencing bare resemblance to other customer's experiences and supports my view that their workmanship does not meet the acceptable quality standards. In terms of the strict legality of producing such in the small claims court - is this OK to do - so long as it is declared to the other party of course before? All I have read so far is that in the small claims court grants wide discretion to the judge and the rules regarding evidence are not as strict as higher value claims.
  3. Hello I am hoping for some help please. I have recently had a new bathroom installed from a local company in Bristol and I have had on going issues with them and it has gotten to the stage where we will be attending a hearing in the small claims court. I would like some advice please regarding the admissibility of using other customer's letters as supporting evidence for my case. They have also had issues regarding this particular company and I feel it would be worthwhile if possible to use them. So I am asking really is am I allowed to present these letters of complaint in
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