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  1. This is a Fairly serious issue and its seems other people i are getting help and advice. i have asked for legal help from a judge but he just pretty much said "You should been at the eviction hearing" if i we knew about the hearing dont you think i will be there waiting for him to suspend the order. if i didn't get a eviction notice or a warrent for eviction i didnt worry about it. the judge also said "i have no power to stop or Force the mortgage company to give the keys back" If you want further help i will advice you to appeal to a "Curcuit judge" but i will reject your appeal now So please SOMEBODY please help i want to gather a evidence that KENSINGTON are "UNLAWFULLY" handling thier customers i have a case almost ready
  2. Hello everyone, Thanks for all the lack of responces. i thought i might get a bit of on this forum as i have seen other getting help let me expain what has happened in full My father got the mortgage and we needed to remortgage the house so we tried but we wqs hit with a massive ERC £20.000 and in the end the new mortgage deal fell though so we wasted money. So we was still with kensington, this time we wasn't aware of any arrears or any eviction Kensingtom just came and changed the locks without any notice. we called them to ask why and what happened. we wasn't given any answers so we was stuck i came on here and seen a few stories regarding Kensington so i copied a few letters and modifyed them and appealed to the court for Kensington to give back our keys its turns out the jugde cant do anything to cancel the eviction process is that true Please i need some help
  3. I too am a Victim of kensington brutal repo's and demands Is there anybody who can help me
  4. I have a major issue with Kensington. They have evicted us and only gave us 24 hours notice via a letter (On the day of eviction) My dad has got this mortgage with Kensington and we fell into arrears 2 years ago and beat the eviction date by pooling all money from family and got out of it , we have been doing well so ever since but on the 7th october we was given the notice and on that morning the locks were changed and we contacted Kensington but we was told no one can help us and told to wait till Monday. We complied and now we have got a solicitor looking into this but it's seems to be taking too long. As we had a 14days notice to remove our things Please please can someone contact me I'm at my wits end and trying to cope with a divorce as well as this
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