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  1. Hi HB, thanks for the tip and I have done as y've suggested. As an update to my thread. I have emailed TOL's customer's services three times and I keep getting the same computer generated response - some guff about this being a complicated case and an independent reviewer needs to look at it. I find it quite insulting that they're underestimating my intelligence like this. I've now began the process with my credit card co and I am completing a dispute form. Whether this works or not I'll still send a complaint to the MOJ
  2. Hi Everyone, I too recently signed up with these guys, I was originally a bit suspicious that the girls on the phones who promised me the earth, had little legal knowledge, but then I figured that the back room staff would. However just like all the other posts, they failed to do what they promised. I originally contracted them because with the stress I was under fighting my employer over breach of contract as I was happy to pay someone else to do the donkey work. However long story short. I have now had to do all the applications myself. Thankfully the Tribunal has accepted my claim and I shall wait and see. I will be contacting my Credit card co, because I reckon they fobbed off the other Cagger, because I'm sure I've a right to claim under under the Consumer Credit Act due to non-provision of services that have been purchased. I will also go down the road of applying for a County Court Judgement. But before I do that I will take the advice below and contact the MOJ.
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