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  1. Very useful thank you. These debts are part of a failed IVA. Is the date of default when my IVA failed or when it started?
  2. Thanks for that. Excuse my ignorance but to be sure am I right in thinking that without a signed copy of my original CCA they will not be able to win any court proceedings against me and the fact it`s been over 6 weeks since my original request for a CCA means they have committed an offence? Any ideas what the DCA`s next step will be? Will they go away? Will I eventually have to pay them? As I said earlier I had already offered them a F+F of about 45% of the total. So have they blown their chance?
  3. Thank you. And then what happens? Does it just sit on my credit file as in dispute? I did offer F+F`s on these accounts before CCAing them but they wouldn`t play ball and kept sending threatening letters and rude phone calls. If they dont have signed agreements, which is what I think, what will they most likely do? Thanks again.
  4. I have CCA`d 2 DCA`s. Crapquest who sent a letter back saying `the account is now closed on our system and all further correspondance should be forwarded to HFC Bank ltd......` along with my £1 postal order. And Fairfax/Max recovery who haven`t replied at all. Both were sent at the end of October by recorded delivery, so I know they were received, I am now about to send the `account in dispute` letter. What can I expect to happen now?
  5. The Royal Mail web site allows you to trace a recorded delivery and shows you a copy of the signature that you can print a copy of. I have done just that myself when sending letters recorded delivery.
  6. The letter from them only arrived this morning. So haven`t been able to look at it. Problem is how can I prove that any signed agrrement(with this mornings signature on it) has this mornings signature on it?
  7. After sending a CCA request to Crapquest they sent me a letter saying they needed a signed request in order to comply with my request. I came on here and was given a template letter advising them that there was no legal requirement for me to sign a request. I have received a letter from them this morning advising me that the account is now closed with them and all correspondance should be forwarded to the original creditor. Problem is, it was sent recorded delivery and I signed for it! They now have a copy of my signature. Have I dropped a major clanger! Someone please tell me I`ve nothing to worry about. Thanks in advance. I`ve had some great help so far.
  8. Exactly what I thought. Thanks for your help. Letter on its way back to them. I had previously offered a F&F of about 34%. That`ll teach them to be greedy. Thanks again.
  9. After sending a CCA request to Capquest reference a HFC debt I received my original letter, £1 postal order and a letter from Capquest saying: In order for HFC Bank Ltd to deal with your query your written signature must be evident on your correspondance. Please re-send your signed request quoting the Consumer credit act 1974 together with your £1.00 administration fee. Is this just a ploy to obtain my signature so they can copy it onto their agreement? Any ideas what I should put in my reply? Thanks in advance.
  10. Oh, I see. Thank you. Do you think I should write to them and point this out? If so, are there any template letters? The debts are from a failed IVA. Total £15k. A relative offered me a lump sum to pay off all debts total £20k. I foolishly offered Fairfax £5475 + the money my IVA practitioner had ( just over £1k ). They said they would accept just over £9k which I simply haven`t got.
  11. After some letters back and forth between myself and Fairfax solicitors I was advised to send a CCA request regarding the money they are chasing on several accounts. I sent the CCA request by recorded delivery and it arrived at their office at 11.00am on the 20th October. I have received a letter from them today dated 26th October demanding settlement of the full amount. Can they do this?
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