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  1. My daughter, 15, has been doing different kind of martial arts since she was 8. To date, about 6 different clubs. We never signed an agreement with any of the previous clubs. When this club (London Kickboxing, West London - Antonio Santo) asked to be paid by DD, the wife signed WITHOUT realising that she was actually asked to sign a contract - it was just NOT simply a Direct Debit form. Debit Finance Collection Plc requires 30 days in writing (NOT the actual Kickboxing club - but the Finance Company) - and there ARE ALSO heavy penalties for not paying on time. FORGETTING to cancel in writing (the £45 per month fee) - can easily result in owing them well over £150 in a short period of time. Debit Finance Collection Plc - and all the clubs following them - have found an easy expedient to take money away from not so vigilant parents and club members. This kind of "legal" SCAMS - must be stopped. :-( There is nothing that Debit Finance Collection Plc can warrant to require 30 days in writing and imposing heavy penalties for those that do not pay on time.
  2. Just to update the issue. Vodafone have been really unprofessional and only after Otelo have contacted them, they offered me a deal without Otelo involvement. This was declined and in January of this year, finally, Otelo asked Vodafone to pay for the broken telephone plus a very small compensation too. Vodafone had 2 weeks to pay up but, they didn't. Otelo in now investigating and Vodafone have another 14 days to pay what is due. I will have great pleasure, at the end of the summer, to cancel all of my 4 contracts with Vodafone - what a bunch of jokers.
  3. Thank you, it helps a lot (sort of obvious, now!). Are sign regulations the same? And what about a PCN, does it need to say bus gate, please?
  4. Back in March 2009 I was having a smooth type of living. I was not earning a lot of money but my little business allowed me for one weekly pint, fuel for my car and an evening out per month. Nothing to write home about it, but good enough for me. I was living with my partner, although not really in a relationship. My daughter was 10 years old and we felt she needed a father and mother figures around her. I was also looking after the house (my partner is the proprietor), the shopping, the cooking and my daughter school runs. Instead of paying a rent, we agreed that all telecommunication bills were paid by me (they are almost £100 per month). Sort of ok until, in November 2009, I became ill and became bed bound. At that time I had almost £5,000 worth of savings but with medicines, private consultations and treatments, by April 2010 I just had over £1,000 left in the bank. At this point I decided to apply for disability allowance. As I started walking again (although still with crutches or a stick) my application was refused. I appealed and a Court date was set for February 2011. At this point I started asking for benefits but paper work was lost on two occasions and only by October 2010, Glasgow finally admitted that they were going to look into it. I was never paid a penny and just before the end of November 2010 I was told that I was under investigation for fraud because I was actually living with my partner. I spent the last six months of 2010 looking for a job (although, really, I could not work) and attending a lot of physiotherapy classes with the view and willingness to get better and start working again. I still have £900 in my account but I now owe my partner over £3,000. As per January 2011 I also started working again on a part time basis. At 57 it is not easy to find a job. My claim remains from April to December 2010 – but, as I am under investigation, I receive no correspondence from Glasgow. I wrote to my MP a few months ago but he never replied, he is utterly useless. The February court case never came up and while I am trying hard to close my debits with my partner, it is not so easy to keep up with it. Free legal advice has not solved any of my issues. What should I do and where should I go from here, please?
  5. Thank you for reply. Should a PCN state Bus Lane or Bus Gate, please?
  6. I have found a number of links about Bus Gates and this official note from one of the Local authorities Bus Gates A bus gate is a signposted stretch of road, along which use is restricted to public transport and (where specified) taxis and other authorised vehicles. Bus gates have been introduced in areas where it would be inappropriate for a high volume of through traffic, such as residential areas. They are designed to reduce the amount of traffic whilst still giving access to public transport for the use of residents. Travelling through abus gate will result in the levying of a Penalty Charge Notice. I fail really to understand the difference between a bus gate and a bus lane - MAINLY - I fail to see when, where and how Bus Gate sign applies and what they suppose to look like. I still fail to understand the proper definition of a Bus Gate too. THANK YOU
  7. I live in Ealing and we just visited friends in Surbiton. I should say that I know my way around Kingston well but we only visit the place twice a year. The PCN was issued at 12:39 and it was a Sunday. In fact, at 11:55 we were in Surbiton buying a gift for my firend. Afterwards we visited him (it must have been a VERY short visit). Photographic evidence with the PCN has not been provided. THERE IS NO sign (mentioning a bus lane) before the lane starts.
  8. EFT165 Your eForum Query [#2932119] Could that be the one!? Locutus - I agree with you - screen don't just crack. Vodafone has told us in writing that they are NOT a shop. The Court will decide on this issue too, while I would like to bring to their attention that the DTI has strong rules and guidelines and IT IS NOT DOWN TO THE CONSUMER to prove that the item was not fit for its purpose - it is down to the seller. Obviously, there is a time limit. But as the phone "broke" within 3 weeks there is plenty to argue about.
  9. Dear Martin, Thank you very much for your time. I am not very familiar with your site and the Internet in general, hence, please excuse my ignorance. I have followed the link proposed by Lee but I am not really sure for what I am supposed to look for. The ID given above by me was the original complaint on Vodafone website (as it happens, we have 4 contracts with Vodafone).
  10. Dear Lee, I must say, I am surprised to see Vodafone in this Forum. We did ask for help in July to Vodafone - but eventually blocked to make any comments. This was the ticket number - EFT165 We are just waiting for Oftel to reply (it should only be a few more days) but we are well prepared to take Vodafone to Court. Over 5 months have gone by and it is VERY, VERY silly on Vodafone's part.
  11. Dear Bernie - thank you for your reply. The red arrow is where the drop kerb starts (you just about can see the wall - end of wall). ALL cars thatl park in front of the drop kerb (apart from a Smart) will block the drop kerb. If we also get a "plonker" that parks (white square design) as close as possible to the other drop kerb; we have NO chance of getting out. THIS SHORT BAY is the only one in all the street. If the "plonker" parks but this bay does not exist, we (both houses) can still drive out and drive in. I will take your suggestion to write to them - first, in a polite manner and see what they have to say. Previous correspondence didn't go far at all - but worth trying again with new ammunition.
  12. Finally got all 20 Brownie points (bit of a silly rule, actually). Got picture - I hope it shows.Where you see the Red arrow - that is where the bay ends and the drop kerb starts.If we get some "nice" driver that parks his/her car where the white "box" is - both houses are trapped in.
  13. My credit is VERY good - yet I was refused a Loan for £7,500!?
  14. With current depressing climate - one should every night for a good sleep.
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