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  1. hmmmm...sounds like a pain for people who dont want to be claiming JSA especially if out of a couple one does and the other doesn't want to claim anymore. kind of stuck now i suppose, until as you said make a appointment for calculation. which i hate appointments at the jobcentre hence why i want to get off it LOL
  2. no my partner hasn't claimed JSA for quite a few years. we have been a couple for years and have now been able to go onto jobseekers as a couple due to our circumstances. we got 2 usual letters of the same the usual meaning how much we will get into what account and then a seperate one as if he is claiming as a single. thanks for the answers
  3. Hiya insyder, thanks for the answers. we're claiming as a couple living together,we're not married. what if i just work for the same amount a single person would get off jsa? i know then i won't be liable for tax credits either. and we will be still on low income. so what if i ended up working in shop and my partner didn't get a job?this worries me as most shops you have to work a month in hand. will he be getting income based JSA? if not then i'm worried about paying rent etc. thanks again.
  4. Just wondering if someone could help me. Right we had 3 Letters from them. 2 of them was to say what we will be getting a £100 a week to my bank account and the other was for my partner and its says he getting the £60 odd a week paid to his post office account. Now i'm not sure if he should be getting the extra £60 odd a week or not. what they have done is that they have used our details from the past and putting money in my bank account from then luckily i still have this bank account. and they also using my partners details and somehow putting money into that as well.
  5. Hello, I'm on income based Jobseekers with my partner we only just signed on about 3 weeks ago. I am thinking of getting into an online business, for example ebay. As i am not able to mix with people, i get very flustered etc when i even go to the jobcentre, i can't even speak on the phone. I am a bag of nerves i dont want to have to go to the dr's about this as i will still have to go to the jobcentre whichever benefit i will claim. I don't particularly want to go to the meetings on week 6-9. what are these meetings called? I would like to know if i get off JSA will my partner
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