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  1. that was an interesting read, its amazing how much trickery is used and in an apparant legal way! There is no doubt that this industry needs to be more tightly regulated- when a consumer makes a loan application it should be made very clear to them what services are being offered. It is not morally right for someone who is potentially desparate to obtain a loan to be told ' your application has been successful' to be tricked into paying a fee which they probably cannot afford & will not end up obtaining any loan. I received the no worries application form today and have prepared a strong worded letter demanding that they do not take any funds from our bank account and deleate all data held on their files with regards to my original application. I have asked that any fee which is taken is refunded back promptly and that i have not authorised them to handle my data- any misunderstanding which they had previously has been revoked and that any further dealings on their part will be reported as a breach of data protection. i then point out that IF THE FEE AND APPLICATION CAN BE MADE OVER THE TELEPHONE THEN IT SHOULD ALSO BE ABLE TO BE CANCELLED OVER THE TELEPHONE. it is not reasonable to expect a written application for an application to be withdrawn especially when the broker fee has not yet been paid and no service has yet been offered by the cpmpany- this is where i believe they have no legal right to take funds for the processing fee. Of course they have not actually taken the funds yet & these are due to be taken ont he 20th October- by which point they ought to have received my letter (i will know because am sending it recorded delivery) It sickens me to learn that they have now been passing our details to other creditors to obtain credit checks and thus ruining our credit rating- i have worked very hard to build this up over recent years in hope of obtaining a mortgage in the not too distant future. I feel cheated and angry- I am prepared to fight this all the way to the courts if necessary.
  2. thanks for the advice, well since writing that post she contacted her bank to try to cancel the future payment (she didnt actually make the payment over the phone by card but said she would be able to make the payment on the 20th) however they said there is nothing they can do to stop the payment because she provided the bank details- it does not matter that they obtained the bank details by deception! I then did something a little stupid and called them getting myself all worked up- they actually found it quite funny (and to be honest the guy was actually quite funny). They honestly believe they are doing nothing wrong and to quote him 'its not our fault if people dont ask us for more details'. i will certainly be taking your advice and writing letters- rather than sending it twice i will just send one recorded delivery so i have proof of postage, i wil keep copies of all letters so that if no refund received within 30- 35 days i will go straight to the FOS (which from reading above i believe costs them £450?). anyway on a much more positive note- i managed to get the 5k loan i was looking for yesterday and the funds all ready paid into my account- i used ratesetter which is a peer to peer lending site! i would reccommend them to anyone as it cuts out the middle man.
  3. Hello, just come across this site after a little research and am greatful for the information provided, especially in the previous post by the agent. i received a call from my fiancee early evening to say we had been accepted for a loan (we are looking to borrow 5k to consolodate debts) and she explained that after applying for a loan online with 'wentworth' she was then contacted 15 minutes later by a company called 'no worries loans' who told her she would be able to receive a loan, she was duped into giving her bank details (they claimed they needed them for security details) and told that if the loan was not successful she would receive a refund. I told her immediately to call back to advise we were not interested in the loan and to ensure the bank details are not used however she was told another department would need to deal with this- she was then put on hold then hung up on! she called back and spoke to someone called 'clark' who was aparantly really rude to her saying that to cancel she would need to put her request in writing, she politely told the guy that there was nothing to cancel- she just wanted to inform them that she didnt wish to go through with the application and therefore has not used any of their services and there is nothing to charge for. The guy continued to be rude stating 'I know the terms and conditions of the company i work for and am not prepared to argue about it'. From reading the above posts it is clear these people are not interested in providing any level of customer service- is the best tactic for my future wife to contact her bank and inform them she was tricked into giving away her bank details & ensuring any transactions made by the company are cancelled? it seems absolutly ridiculous that this company is allowed to operate like this- it made me so angry to hear about how friendly they were initially and then how rude they were when things were not going their way. (sorry for the long post- really pleased to find this site, the other half was very upset and embarassed about the whole episode but obviously not alone)
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