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  1. I'll play top trumps and go with the highest poster... On a side note, Ive only made the faux par of saying the C word here ( a by product of me being a retail manager) and I only mentioned the feedback on the spare tents to illustrate the fact Im not a dodgy seller. Who knew itd become a key feature! lol The court is not aware of either of these facts. But I do take heed of all advice given, so if they decide I am or not based on my 3 tent selling shenanigans. How will it make a difference to how the case is handled? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Sorry Im not a legal bod so this is all a new language to me. Im not clear on what a "lack of conformity" is? And is this telling me that a private account on Ebay can be held liable for two years for any problems with an item they sell? blimey! Cheers
  3. Not sure about him having a happy Summer...as he got in touch in June. But it was a rather sunny spring! lol Thanks for the advice. I may toss a coin on this one. Its reassuring regarding the ccj if its paid promptly (should it go t*ts up), so I may take a punt.... Cheers
  4. Thanks for the advice. Im amazed that Im now classed as a trader because I had 3! I only have a feedback of 61 and half of that is for purchases! lol I bought them at a bancruptcy auction as I wanted one but there were four altogether. So I had 3 extra on my hands. Point taken though. Anyhoo. I too feel that 9 months is a reasonable time, but as its a tent which could be seen as seasonal and not something more daily like a TV, Im still in two minds as to if they will agree with me as to what is reasonable? To be honest Im not looking fwd to the whole thing. The mrs has just had a 2nd miscarriage and Im not sure if I can take any more hassle. So if there isnt a good chance of success Im wondering if I should just pay up even though I feel Im being taken for a ride? Cheers.
  5. Well as I said, he says the item was misdescribed. He says it wasnt new and had been used. And that there were poles missing. I had 3 to sell of these. The other two buyers left positive feedback. Cheers
  6. Hi, a different perspective on this. Im being taken to the small claims court for a private Ebay sale. I sold a Tent in Nov 09 which was collected in person and paid for in cash. 230! days later the buyer tells me it wasnt as described and wants a refund. I said if he had come to me sooner I could have validated his claim, but as its been soooo long (No feedback was given & my Ebay seller aco**** doesn't even have a record of the sale anymore!) that I cant now prove it is my fault or his. Under the sales of goods “reasonable” time is allowed for an (alleged) misdescribed private sale. As its a Tent would 230days (till June) be deemed a reasonable time? Im concerned Im going to get a ccj for a small claim of £120? Ive sent the court papers back stating Im going to defend the case. But Im still worried. But I genuinely feel that for a private Ebay sale, for the buyer to say he isnt happy 230days later is unreasonable. Am I likely to lose? many thanks.
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