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  1. Unfortunately it is there, "We may hold your funds for up to 180 Days if reasonably needed to protect against the risk of liability" under 10.2 H. Seems like there's nothing I can do except wait out these 180 days... Also, would Newman's be able to start adding interest to the money I owe them/ebay if I don't pay them immediately? cheers
  2. Thanks for the info! Would such debt (and I'm not denying I owe £100 of fees to ebay, which i would happily pay if they weren't complete morons along with paypal) have an impact on my credit rating at all? I will pay them what they're owed as soon as I'm given access to MY money sat in my locked down paypal account.
  3. Just an update... Just received a call from Newman's pretty much demanding me to confirm my address. I refused and the rude snotty cow on the other end basically said I wasn't complying with data protection laws - load of old twoddle I imagine. I think it's going to be easier all round if I just pay this damn 100 quid or whatever it is... guess I'll be getting regular calls from these idiots now.. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Thank you all. My ebay account was created back in December 2003 and was used regularly clocking up over 100 positive feedback. Paypal don't tell me why it is frozen, they just say it is to protect its customers... I'm totally sick of the lot of them.
  5. Hello all, Let me explain to you a problem I've experienced with ebay and paypal since June this year. During June I sold 6 items on ebay which we're around £500 each, paypal then limited my account due to receiving a large amount of money in a relatively short period of time. I did everything they asked such as providing invoices, tracking numbers, receipts but my account remained limited. My paypal account has £1400 in which I am unable to withdraw until 180 days have passed (since June). Because of this, my ebay account became limited also (due to their relationship) so I have been unable to buy or sell anything since June and I was left owing just over £100 of ebay fees, which I duly left and ignored seeing as my main method of payment (paypal) was not accessible. I've contacted the Financial Ombudsman to see if they could help but Paypal are sticking to their guns and are not going to give me access to my money. Out of anger I've simply left my ebay account to rot and have been receiving their customary 'your fees are long overdue' emails which I have ignored. Today I received a letter from Newman Debt Collection asking me to pay them. I'm more bothered about my credit rating which should be excellent, and I don't really want it tarnishing. Should I bite my lip and pay up, bearing in mind even after paying these damn fees my ebay account will still be suspended or ride out the storm until December when hopefully I will gain access to my £1400 in paypal's piggy bank and have both ebay and paypal suspensions lifted? Any advice is much appreciated! Many thanks and kind regards, Jordan
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