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  1. He hasn't been diagnosed because he also suffers from depression and low self esteem and we, as his parents made a decision that it wasn't in his best interests to be considered disabled. It is the system that is forcing us down this route. If they move my post can they delete reference to the thread I put it on please. I couldn't see how to start a new thread. Pat
  2. Hi, I'm new to the site. I'm my son's appointee. Reading this thread is making me wonder if I'm wasting my time as you all have so much evidence of your illnesses and yet you're still having to go to appeal. My son scored 0 at his medical and I'm in the process of colecting evidence for the appeal. He has no physical disability and no info. was available about his mental health. He was adopted by us at 18 months and we think he may have fetal alcohol syndrome. He has symptoms of Asperge's but has never been diagnosed as he will not accept there is anything wrong with him. He hasn't worked for
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