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  1. We all know the police rarely care when there's a crime, let’s not kid ourselves about the UK “Justice” System is closer to a spoof, they’ll do anything to not bother reporting it and if it does get reported they just want to close it as quickly as possible with any excuse. British police and investigators are world renowned for incompetence. But the way this WPC has treated me when trying to raise a crime has really upset me and I'd be grateful for people's opinions on this. To simply be mocked, ridiculed and discriminated against by the force I pay to protect me, seem to have intentions or lack of to the contrary. The biggest excuse Surrey Police do for work is handing out speeding tickets and a quiet stroll down the nice part of town. I called Surrey Police. I explained that I realise this is a civil matter, but there’s also a criminal aspect of this ongoing fraud and theft that needs to be investigated, with the full evidence I have of the criminal activity, and I've been advised to report this to the police as I have a complaint with the Financial Services Authority... HER: "You have a complaint with the....?" ME: "The Financial Services Authority, the FSA." HER: "The Financial.........? ME: "The Financial Services Authority, FSA. They're the regulators over financial products and transactions." HER: "The Financial Serrr..... what?" ME: "The Financial. Services. Authority. The F...........S............A." I went into detail about the story and what had happened and the evidence and current state of affairs with the legal case. I’m also dealing with the Office of Fair Trading. HER: Have you got any proof? ME: Yes, I have all the evidence, all the paperwork that has been forged showing the fraud taking place, I’ve done all the work for you. HER: Just sounds a bit like, someone’s got more to lose by this. If only more crimes could have this kind of forethought! ME: Financial motive... personal vendetta... it’s entirely true. HER: I couldn’t care less who’s telling the truth. At this point she began asking me for personal details, I assumed this was simply a procedure as part of reporting, the truth of the reason behind it was yet to come. HER: "Well........................ [Condescending, thinking hard for an excuse]......................... banks have their own fraud reporting so it's not something we could possibly do." Indeed, fraud is not listed on the published crime statistics so as far as they’re concerned it doesn’t matter. Conveniently, it’s too much work for them, British police have a LONG record of incompetence when it comes to dealing with fraud. So they just stick half the force on a roundabout and hand out speeding tickets (to us the *real* criminal menace to society) and call it they’re focusing on drugs and theft/burglaries/shoplifting. Coincidentally, the response from them on any of these crimes when they occur is; “Can you prove who it was? Neither can we.” Really, just by not reporting it that’s how they lower their crime statistics. ME: "I'm perfectly aware banks have their own fraud departments for dealing with fraud against customer's accounts such as a stolen credit card or access to a bank account...” If they couldn’t care any less before! ME: (cont)”...But as I’ve explained that is not the case here. This is a serious fraud perpetrated by individuals in a financial institution with criminal fraud and malicious intent. Thoroughly and fully evidenced in complete records. HER: The police are just for keeping the peace, they don't really get involved. Despite the full evidence I have of being defrauded, stolen from, forged, harrassed, and abused for months. It's not enough that criminal investigations into similar much lesser crimes have taken place by the police before, why is it my case is not taken seriously and others of the same situation are? HER: We won't touch it with a barge poll. You'll have to get a solicitor. I have, as I explained my current proceedings as a civil case and with the FSA, it’s been decided that this needs to be reported, and a criminal investigation undertaken, similar to various other cases they have investigated. Why is this brushed under the carpet? Were the cases I am referring to where police action has been taken simply for show in the media, or were they more inclined by someone with connections? I have to reference a time about six months prior where CID and uniform police contacted me in relation to their investigation into a £35 mail order item that had gone missing from someone’s doorstep at a nearby address. Twice in under 24 hours they turned up, “I’ve investigated a 2 quid shoplifting”, stated one of them proudly, and arrested someone for littering - what a fantastic and comforting use of resources when the important things are so taken care of. Why when that was such a significantly less amount and this was a significantly more serious crime with more evidence I was being discriminated against? Why have other similar serious frauds been investigated, but this even more distressing incident meets abrasive, argumentative deaf ears? She continued taking personal details from me, from my race, nationality, to name, address, without any explanation of why or warning what these details would be used for and under no consent. Only sometime after, did I discover that these details were being gathered from and stored without any of our consent to be used on a database to store us along with details of suspects, arrests and previous convictions to later use against us as a possible future suspect. So not only do we pay for them to do nothing and swan around in their incompetence to cost us our basic right to protection against criminality, we may also provide ourselves a future scapegoat for them when they can’t find their man and need someone to pin it on. She then proceeded to ask for my date of birth. I said "...1988" HER: "Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhpppppp" In the longest and most condescending sound I had ever heard she then started discriminating against my age. I’ve heard police discriminate against age, size, race (white of course, who’d dare challenge black people in this country), even fitness. But that was all she needed to insult, discriminate and enter me into the list of suspects without my consent so now she wanted to get back to her magazine. Though at the time I thought the questions would give me some report of this incident for at least myself to pursue. HER: (Ironically) Is that all, ‘cause there’s other crimes to report... ME: Do I have a reference for this or a crime number? HER: (dismissive) “No, I haven’t bothered to report it.” I have my own successful businesses, I'm not someone to be discriminated against just because I'm not a lazy PC. UK police seem to regularly discriminate against people for all kinds of reasons more than anyone else. It's not enough that they're paid to do NOTHING, but they have to insult you about it. I find next out why perhaps they don't care - they're not really accountable. I looked into making a complaint and the Independent Police Complaints Commission. To discover that this is informally known as the "Unindependent Police Complaints Commission”. In this person's own words that the police "don't really do anything". While the IPCC may not be the route to take what steps could I take, I find this truly disgusting. You get good and bad people at their job everywhere I know, but this is not a one off by far, when I've reported something in the past to get a crime number for the insurance only after they've been perfectly clear that they will not do anything about it have they given a crime number. There is simply no balance to the system, and no accountability to individual police so they run amok making it a complete laughing stock that the public have no faith in. One crime may be fully investigated, while an identical if not more severe goes unreported based on the attitude of the PC. Are we discriminated on connections, age, the weather? Why police are sometimes referred to as professionals is beyond me, they barely have a basic understanding of the law and there is rarely anything professional in their manner. They serve about as much use to society as a bottom feeder Debt Collection Agency, nothing but revenue collectors. If there were any justice, they would all be charged with wasting police time. I’ll advise all of you that you don’t have to and are under no obligation to provide any of your details to be used as a future “suspect list”, although they will attempt to coax your information without your consent. She was so dismissive and quick she avoided disclosing her name and number and with no reference for this, I’d like to pursue this further. Can anybody advise on how really to get the police to do something for once that holds some balance of justice if there is such a thing left in this country? It's just not right that they can oppress people for their own laziness and lack of interest in what should be a civilised society, what action could I take against the police in this instance so that someone may be heard? What other complaint routes exists?
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