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  1. Hi Phoenix - thanks for your response. The house has been on the market about 2 weeks only so I know these are early days. If we sell the house for pretty much the asking price we will be able to pay off everything we owe and will end up with about 15k each which will allow us to a least rent somewhere and give me a breathing space to get a job or build my business. As it stands now we are struggling to meet our living costs and mortgage... we are at the top of the overdraft. Have just had to borow money from Mum to bring the OD down a bit but it will start going up again - a race against time. We have cut things down to the bare minimum - only essentials - has been like this for a long time - very stressful. There is no money to 'tart' up the property - it is on the market at 20k below its value and we think this should compensate for redecorating that might need doing - tough times I know but I believe there is money out there- and its a good house.
  2. Hi, I would be amazed and delighted if anyone can help me with this problem. My husband and I want to seperate, We have lived quite seperate and miserable lives under the same roof since this decision 2yrs ago. We have our house up for sale at well below its value but no offers so far and we have a large mortgage to pay off so must hold out or the asking price or thereabouts My husband has a job but would struggle to meet the mortgage payments alone I earn a little money dog walking but not enough to pay the mortgage OR pay rent on my own place I am applying for jobs all the time but I havent even been getting interviews lately I feel so stuck and desperate to get my own place - but dont see how I can leave - I have no savings and not in a position to borrow money for a bond for my own place. I intend to keep applying for jobs as I really want to earn enough a money to sustain myself but its like a catch 22 - I need to have an address to claim housing benefit but I need money and to be able to prove to a landlord that I can pay the rent before I can get anywhere. Of course if the house sells soon the problem will be solved but I feel I want to take action now as there is no telling how long it will take to shift the house. Any pearls of wisdom appreciated. Thank you
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