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  1. Hi, Just to say hello & thanks to whoever created this site, I'm struggling under what feels like a mountain of debt and trying to do the right thing by slowly (and sporadically) paying it off - despite the best attempts of various debt collection companies & bailiffs to bully and harrass me! Guy
  2. Hi, I hope that I'm posting this in the right forum & that someone will be able to offer me some advice. I run a small busines as a sole trader & had a significant bad debt early this year that has the knock on effect of meaning that I was unable to pay several suppliers. This inevitably led to CCJ's and - in one case - a statutory demand that I was unable to satisfy which led to a bankruptcy petition being served on me. I don't dispute the process that led to this or the debt, the supplier provided the goods & it's not their fault that my client hasn't paid - I owe
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