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  1. Hi, I posted something a few weeks back about an issue with the laminate flooring that my Landlord was trying to charge me for repairing. I now have another issue! The front door lock (yale lock) has broken and has been broken for a few days now. The door is a communal one and there is a seperate door (with lock) to our appartment however someone could gain access to the building as the door is completely unlocked at present. I reported this on Friday, but nothing has happened yet. Can you tell me what the Landlords obligations are for fixing this, and in what time window he need
  2. Thanks Mr Shed. That is what I basically thought. Also, can you clarify what the actual definition of betterment is in this context? I've since found out that the original floor was fitted 5 years ago. If the LL is demanding we pay for a brand new floor, is this an example of the above? I've also discovered that it looks like the floor was fitted incorrectly. Apparently, with laminate floor, you are meant to leave a gap between the floor and the wall to allow for the expanding and shrinking of the laminate, and in this case this hasnt been allowed. Dont think the LL has much o
  3. Hi, I need some advice. I moved into a new flat a couple of months ago under an assured shorthold tenancy. It is a second floor flat as part of a three storey building. A couple of days after moving in, the ground floor flat flooded. It was found the water had come from our flat but, as it was discovered it was a burst pipe, we were cleared of liability for the damage caused downstairs as it was not our fault. The entire flat has laminate flooring throughout and, about a month after the flooding downstairs, one of the laminate boards in the middle of the living room floor
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