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  1. That was a quick reply after your medicle less than a week... Yes PHIL you have passed!!!!! no more sick notes.
  2. This guy is a looser I suggest reading this before offering any questions. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/mps-expenses/5305242/Chris-Grayling-claimed-for-London-flat-despite-nearby-constituency-home-MPs-expenses.html
  3. Well no "NEWS" im suprised, there has been no news of this change as of yet.
  4. Only Income support with disablement premium you will get it not just IS on its own.......
  5. well people it's all abit slow here as to what is going on over the transfer to ESA from IS-IB, there must be news by now of what is going on....
  6. Thanks guys i dont know of the debt i did not pay anything on the debt not even to IQOR i sent several letters with recorded proof of posting i will not send them nothing else till they prove i's mine, i will be glad if they take it to court and see the mud on there faces as to there response that they have sent me no proof that it's my debt.
  7. No No Donk They say that IQOR paid 2 years of the debt £6 each month.
  8. Hi Donk, I don't know what is going on here thats why i need someone to explain this!
  9. Well peope i have had these so called idiots (AK) send me letters about a debt that i don't even no about, i sent them a letter stating i do not know of any debt with you, they then replied saying there have been payments on this debt from april 04 to april 06. all 26 payments of £6 and the payments were made by some company called IQOR RECOVERY S underneath each payment it then states NARRATIVE CONVERTED FROM DEBT TRAC doe's anyone knows what this mean. i will not be contacting them again either.
  10. Glad your sorted don't spend it all at once!
  11. You will get it on (IS and the disabilty premium) Not on IB. The Assesment rate ESA and while your appealing doe's not entitle you to CW Payments £25 (Only appealing if you win IS-ESA WRAG or SUPPORT Group) then you still have to case them for that payment once you win you appeal.
  12. Assesment rate ESA and while your appealing doe's not entitle you to CW Payments £25 (Only appealing if you win ESA WRAG or SUPPORT Group) then you still have to case them for that payment once you win you appeal.
  13. Look on your bank statement it sould read someting like you (national insurance no, followed by DWP CWP) if it doe's then you got the fuel allowance of £25.
  14. Take action now to defend the Welfare State. We will not pay for their crisis. http://benefitclaimantsfightback.wordpress.com/
  15. From B & W. A ray of hope.... (Brussels) - The agreement by European Union member states to remove the last legal barrier to EU accession to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is an important step forward There are no more legal barriers to prevent the EU from going ahead. This will represent a major policy shift toward enforcing human rights obligations and putting disability on top of the human rights agenda." "If the code of conduct between the EU and its member states is adopted in the coming months, the European Union will deposit the Convention at the United Nations during the Belgian Presidency," a step that will make the treaty binding law for the EU. www.hrw.org/en/news/2010/12/06/eu-way-cl...-human-rights-treaty Rule 8.of the UN Convention states ..Income support should be maintained as long as the disabling conditions remain in a manner that does not discourage persons with disabilities from seeking employment. It should only be reduced or terminated when persons with disabilities achieve adequate and secure income. States should ensure the provision of adequate income support to persons with disabilities who, owing to disability or disability-related factors, have temporarily lost or received a reduction in their income or have been denied employment opportunities. States should ensure that the provision of support takes into account the costs frequently incurred by persons with disabilities and their families as a result of the disability The UK ratified this in June 2009
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