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  1. I told the company that I wanted to return the PC for a full refund. They apologised for the problems I had and agreed to a full refund with no argument, so all is well (except I don't have a PC now - have to start again). Thanks for the comments, Martin
  2. I'll send them another email - they have at least replied to all my messages os far. I am not 'naming and shaming' the company here immediately, things may turn out OK. I am not sure about cancelling at this stage, but if, for instance another 10 days go by and I still don't have the PC, I'd need to know what my rights are. Thanks.
  3. I ordered a PC from a well-known online retailer. Within 4 days it broke down and I had to obtain an RMA to return it for repair. It seems however they are in no hurry now to do so - apparently they are 'very busy' and 'the man' (just one?) who would repair it is away at the moment.It's been back a week but no one has even looked at it yet. This does not inspire confidence, I must say. The PC was received here 10 days ago, so I assume that even though I returned it within 5 days, I am outside the 7 days distance selling laws. If I did decide to say to the retailer to keep the PC and issue a refund, what are my rights here? Thanks, Martin
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