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  1. I am based in the US. I didn't realize this site was based in the UK. I will try to see if she is still in business. I am not sure about her name either but I do know her x partner's work name. I will try to find out some information from her. I will also go to the BBB. I know they don't do much though. I just wonder how much time I have to file a complaint or have a lawyer write her a letter. I am diappointed with my Mastercard. One person from the credit card told me I was covered. They put the money in my account and I had to wait 2 weeks I think. Then I got rejected notice and they took ou
  2. I went to a hair salon that specializes in hair pieces and extentions. The place hardly had anything in it which should have tipped me off. The woman said she was just moving in. I told her I wanted a stock piece and a custom piece. The stock needed to be at least 20 inches long. She said she needed a $500.00 deposit. I didn't hear from her for about a week, then I called. She claimed she was still looking at different factories. Then she was ignoring my calls. Finally after 2 weeks she claimed she could only get the stock in 15 inches which was no good to me. The other she did not order yet.
  3. How long do I have to go after a store that won't give me back a deposit for a special order they never gave me? Also how do I do it. This happened last December. Do to illness and a death in my family, I could not take care of this at that time. Thanks for any help.
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