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  1. thanks for the advice and link. I'll see what their initial appraisal comes back with on Mon/Tues and then look to pursue from there. There is no way the insurance company can accuse me of not being careful as I was either in posession of the keys or standing right there when they apparently did the swap. Have now watched the real hustle episode which is a bit of an eye opener - I was even more careful than the car salesman (not letting my car get in my line of sight) but that said It was the absolute last thing I was expecting to happen which is why they got away with it.
  2. Evening all, I've had a pretty bad week resulting in a potential 'buyer' for my '06 Golf TDI stealing the key (which i only discovered the next day as they swapped it with an identical one from another vehicle) and stealing the vehicle from outside my house overnight. I have followed the standard protocol and notified the police and my insurer. The claim has been referred to the underwriters, however I have been warned that there is the following clause in my policy which way result in the claim being rejected: "Loss of or damage to the vehicle by someone who got it by tri
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