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  1. Thank you so much for your replies; unfortunately, another series of strokes at the beginning of May has now taken this option from Mum.
  2. The Council, as far as I'm aware. She's recently been diagnosed as having vascular dementia and the Social Services carers have suggested she looks into it. It's a County Council-run facility. Thank you, by the way, for helping.
  3. My elderly Mother is considering moving to an Assisted Living complex, but is concerned she'll lose her AA. Can anyone help, please?
  4. Have just received this from HCE Group Ltd.......I really don't understand. "As you may or may not know there is new legislation due to come into effect which has recently been laid before Parliament and effects the enforcement industry. As of 6th April 2014 the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 (TCE Act) will come into force. Its aim is to ensure openness and transparency throughout the industry and particularly the fees which are charged. We note you are on an arrangement for payment of £50.00 monthly and payment is being made to ourselves. Please be advised t
  5. Questions correct: 8 / 10 You took 69 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 731
  6. 9/10 in 60 seconds today........messed up the triangle one!!
  7. Well done, Bobcat - I got 9/10, too, but was 10 seconds slower! Congrats to Sparks!!
  8. Haha!! Got one today, but slower than Sparks' 10/10, so well done to Sparks!!!!
  9. Well done, Sparks! I was just a bit quicker than you today (for a change!) 10/10 in 59 seconds.
  10. Hi, Steve - a huge WELL DONE for saving the little dog's life. Is Petmedic a vet practice? It could be that she was actually reunited with her owners - any found dog must be reported to the local Dog Warden - this is the law - so her owner could have been traced that way, or perhaps she was chipped..........either way, it must have been horribly disappointing for you. I honestly don't think you have any comeback, though, unless money changed hands. Sorry.
  11. I've just googled her name - OMG. https://www.causes.com/actions/1751590-say-no-to-stockport-back-street-puppy-boutique Just because they're a registered breeder, it's no guarantee they're humane - I take it this 'lady' is not Lilly Cooper? What are you going to do?
  12. So sorry to hear about your poor pup.........you've obviously been scammed by a puppy farmer. The pup should have the vet's name on the vaccination certificate you received at the time you collected the dog - if there's no certificate, how do you know it's been vaccinated? Dogs with heart murmers can go on to lead full lives, given good care, careful diet & meds. If you explain the circumstances to the insurance company they may offer some sort of arrangement - it's worth a try. Perhaps Trading Standards could help? There could be other complaints against this vile woman; m
  13. Very best wishes to you for a full recovery; you'll be back in no time! Look after yourself, Janie
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