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  1. had a charge given to me for exceeding my overdraft on 6/10/10. I was online at 23.45 and made a faster payment in to account to stop any exceeding of the overdraft facility, also no payments had gone out on that day making the account clearly in line with my over draft facility. I re logged on 7 minutes after midnight i.e close of business, and once again no payments had gone out of the account only my payment in showing dated the 6/10/10. The next morning 5 transactions all showing the date 6/10/10 had gone out of the account, but because I had made a faster payment the account stayed within the agreed limit. Later in the day I received an email to explain I was to receive a charge for exceeding my o/d facilty. I phone up and explained this can not be correct but I was told that the system they are looking at says I requested a payment in to the account on the 6th, but it only arrived on the 7th causing me to be over my facility. after a slanging match for over an hour with 2 ladies in Rosyth the charge stood. However, I have phoned again today spoke to a chap in Leeds who agreed the charge should be reversed. They are robbers and frauds. The amount time i spent on the phone i lost all ways but i got something back.
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