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  1. I am being chased for a caravan insurance policy premium which I had assumed had lapsed last March when I took out a new policy with a UK company. When I visited the caravan (which is stored in France) in August I found that a new policy from March 2010 and letters asking for payment had been sent to the site rather than to me in the UK although we had agreed via email that all post should be sent here. I am now getting letters from a debt company for payment of 207 euros. I have looked at the old policy and translated it word for word with a French dictionary and it seems I should have given two months notice to cancel the policy otherwise it is assumed I still want it. The French agency knew I didn't speak French so I do think they should have alerted me to this. If they take me to court can it be enforced in UK? Could they seize the caravan in lieu of payment - the debt is only 207 euros. I have written to both the debt company and the agency explaining why I thought the policy had lapsed and complaining that they should have written to me in the Uk but no response apart from another letter asking for payment. Any advice please?

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