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    Techguys lose it

    My netbook just went blank so I went down to the PCWorld I purchased it from to visit the Techguys making use of the monthly payment I made for cover. They informed me that I would have to phone the Techguys helpline, nothing to do with them. After questioning on the phone they agreed that my computer did not work and arranged collection. About a week after collection I received a text to say that it had arrived with the Techguys (the big shed 5 miles down the road from me). Next contact was to say all was well it was the motherboard it would be returned with all data intact. So far so good. Two weeks no sign. Follow up phone calls - it had been misplaced, but they were looking. Regular phone calls made over the following weeks with a gradual increase in the time spent on hold, including on more than one occasion disconnection. Finally a letter (standard) arrives telling me to take my receipt and the letter to the store to get a replacement. What about all my data which I no longer have and somebody else obviously does including approaching 2000 contacts! No interest from them to discuss just a take it or leave it attitude. An attempt to email the CEO was intercepted by customer complaints who just said the same go get a replacement from the store. Have they sent it somewhere else? Has someone stolen it within the company? They obviously do not care. I always said that I would never sign up to one of these warranty cons but did due to the small size of a net book. NEVER again. My backup was in the 'cloud' and as I no longer have the machine I have no idea how to retrieve any information. Any suggestions welcome. I will go back to using the local shop I have found with three guys who seem to be able to repair most problems and who are not going to lose my machine in a big shed.
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