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  1. Hello, I currently bank with RBS with a Key Account and went into the branch to complete all the paperwork needed to turn my account into a joint account with my wife, all her ID was photocopied in branch and everything was handed over the counter to speed up the whole process. What has since follows has caused me stress and I would appreciate some help please? Its not been over 3 weeks since everything was completed and handed in at the branch, I have since tried to chase and update and gain a status report on how everything is going. The initial response from the branch was that there was a slight delay in processing and that I would give it another few days which i did. I was then went back in at the customer service advisor said that she could see all my completed paperwork and ID scanning in front of her on the computer system along with a covering note saying that there was a delay and to apologise to the customer. A few days later I called the direct banking number for a different matter and asking is passing if my wife has been added onto the key account and if it was not a joint account. He went off and came back say that there was no request to do such as thing and that I needed to go to branch. I then said that the advisor in the branch said that she could see all my ID and documentation in from of her on the computer system. The telephone advisor sounded a little shocked and said that there was no way that the branch would be able to see this and that I should return again to branch which i did. in the branch, after promising to call me back on 3 failed occasions a different advisor called up processing to ask what was going on and came back to say that no paperwork was received and that it must have gotten lost in the branch. I explained that the other advisor said she saw all my documentation and paperwork on the system and her reply was that paperwork can sometimes just "drop off" the system..... Help... There seems to customer service telephone department only direct banking, the branch are pretty useless at phoning me back and I am still awaiting for 3 separate call backs which have never happenned. The customer relations email department dont seem to want to know either and I am just beating my head against a brick wall.. What can I do? is this right?
  2. Hi, the data bundle has now changed, I have just logged into the MyO2 section of my online account and see that I now have a 1GB usage allowance on my mobile data where as before it was unlimited.... can they just do this without any consent from me or altering my tariff in any shape within the last 20 months ?
  3. I still have 5 months to run so I can port out however the remainder of my line rental will be my termination fee. I was wondering if the way that O2 had changed the terms of my contract was a breach that would allow me to leave without penalty ?
  4. Hi, I have an iPhone 3GS with O2 which is connected to the "O2 £45 on iPhone" which is an old tariff we took out back in 2009 when the phone was connected onto a 2 year deal with O2. Now, the time to upgrade the phone is fast approached and we have been talking to O2 about the best options etc and they have dropped a few bomb shells on me what I'm really not happy about and would like some help or advise on if this is allowed.. 1) they have said that I cannot now keep the same tariff when I upgrade due to the tariff I am currently on not being out anymore. I explained that I was advised that I would keep the same tariff when upgrades at the point of sale by way of a "legacy" upgrade. The advise said that this was possible however the terms all changed back in October and I was effected.. The new tariffs that O2 offer mean that I would need to lose my unlimited data bundle and my ability to send MMS messages at 4:1 of my inclusive allowance. 2) O2 also said that they were going to remove my unlimited data bundle anyway and replace it with the new capped allowance of 1GB which is the same as per all NEW customers. My data usage is over 1GB per month anyway and I said that this would cause my to incur charges however the advise simple stated again that my tariff and its all options were no longer offered. So here I am , can anyone offer me any advise of what I can do or say to O2, the funny thing is that when I call customer care last and asked to be put though to retentions to get a PAC code they just offered it to me straight away without any resistance other than being told I need to pay out the remainder of my contract... Help - I am getting no where with them and feel that they are changing the goal posts.
  5. It was taken by my wife to the post office counters and they have given me a receipt to confirm I handed in the parcel with the same tracking number to them.
  6. Hi Caggers, I hope that someone can offer me some help here as I am going no where fast with this Parcelforce issue. I sold a playstation 3 on eBay and the seller has paid me via Paypal who put a hold on the money until the buyer reports that they have received it. I arranged for postage using Parcelforce 48 hour which was arranged again via paypal and the parcel that they dropped off at the local post office. Well here is where the fun begins. The item was taken to the Rugby post office on 5th October at 11:15AM and I was given a receipt confirming that the post office had taken the item and make a note of the unique parcelforce tracking number. The parcelforce website was then updated and time stamped for an hour later saying that it had been collected from the post office branch. That was 2 days ago and the status still has not changed so I contacted parcelforce via their contact-us tab on the tracking screen. The response back said that the parcel have never been handed over to Parcel force and they had no record of where the parcel was of when it would arrive at the set destination. Obviously unhappy about this, I then called the customer service line who said that the problem lay with Royal mail who has given the package to the wrong courier and that I should go back to the post office and ask them who they have given my parcel too? I then questioned as to why their own tracking screen says that Parcel force have collected it from the post office branch and I was again referred back to the main depot. After speaking to the depot I was told in a not very polite way that there was nothing parcelforce could do, the website was wrong and that there was no way I would do anything but wait and hope. There was no time frame and it could take months for the parcel to be located. If I was not happy with then they I should take it up with Royal Mail who made the error in the first place... Phew! anyway after speaking to Royal mail they have said that regardless of whose error it was, I have paid for Parcelforce and had one of their tracking numbers to the burden with solely with Parcelforce and I needed to go back to them.. Again a call was made back to parcelforce to say that I was not happy and to advise them on what Royal mail had said - the lady then got very irrate and that they it was my fault as I did not post the item within the time frame. Again I explained that I book the drop off on the sunday and took it into the post office on the tuesday which was well within the 5 day time frame clearly printed on my paperwork..suddenly I got cut off after being told that there was nothing they could do... Sorry to go on but I need help here as I stand to lose out at the moment on both the item that I sold and the money the buyer has paid. the buyer has to report the item delivered for me to get the money within 21 days or else its refunded back to him. Any advise here would be great.. really hope that someone can offer me some advise as it seem a little bit like a worse case scenario.. Cheers
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