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  1. Hello, I currently bank with RBS with a Key Account and went into the branch to complete all the paperwork needed to turn my account into a joint account with my wife, all her ID was photocopied in branch and everything was handed over the counter to speed up the whole process. What has since follows has caused me stress and I would appreciate some help please? Its not been over 3 weeks since everything was completed and handed in at the branch, I have since tried to chase and update and gain a status report on how everything is going. The initial response from the branch was that
  2. Hi, the data bundle has now changed, I have just logged into the MyO2 section of my online account and see that I now have a 1GB usage allowance on my mobile data where as before it was unlimited.... can they just do this without any consent from me or altering my tariff in any shape within the last 20 months ?
  3. I still have 5 months to run so I can port out however the remainder of my line rental will be my termination fee. I was wondering if the way that O2 had changed the terms of my contract was a breach that would allow me to leave without penalty ?
  4. Hi, I have an iPhone 3GS with O2 which is connected to the "O2 £45 on iPhone" which is an old tariff we took out back in 2009 when the phone was connected onto a 2 year deal with O2. Now, the time to upgrade the phone is fast approached and we have been talking to O2 about the best options etc and they have dropped a few bomb shells on me what I'm really not happy about and would like some help or advise on if this is allowed.. 1) they have said that I cannot now keep the same tariff when I upgrade due to the tariff I am currently on not being out anymore. I explained that I was ad
  5. It was taken by my wife to the post office counters and they have given me a receipt to confirm I handed in the parcel with the same tracking number to them.
  6. Hi Caggers, I hope that someone can offer me some help here as I am going no where fast with this Parcelforce issue. I sold a playstation 3 on eBay and the seller has paid me via Paypal who put a hold on the money until the buyer reports that they have received it. I arranged for postage using Parcelforce 48 hour which was arranged again via paypal and the parcel that they dropped off at the local post office. Well here is where the fun begins. The item was taken to the Rugby post office on 5th October at 11:15AM and I was given a receipt confirming that the post office had taken t
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