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  1. The realisation of injustice. Followed by anger, determination and focus. Then the simple reality that as with most things with financial services, there is nothing you can do. And the phase of fury is over. Acceptation of dilemma. And there in lies the problem. Most people have not a fat waad to throw at a good lawyer and ask for loss adjustment. And so millions of people every year get screwed over and have to simply accept their position in life. No justice = no consequence = continued lack of ability to defend one self. And so it continues......
  2. Which does not fit with my preferred method of communication. Letters require rain forest destruction. Your house may burn down due to the additional fire risk they pose. Emails are quick, efficient, easier to organise and store and are available 24/7 where ever you are in the world. It doesn't matter if the postie is sick, the mail is lost or if the weather stops delivery. Email is also FREE. I think you will find that person under a certain age prefer email, social media and telephone. A simple phone call takes a matter of minutes.
  3. Having just come off the telephone with PO this was also very much their line of response too. And I agree. I should have updated my details. However that is not what I am disputing. What I am complaining about is the method of communication which is not fit for purpose in 2015. My primary means of communication today is email, phone and social media. Letters are way down the pecking order. I don't believe sending out an automated letter from a robot is an acceptable or responsible method for something this important. I think it would be a reasonable step for
  4. I woke up this morning to an email from Post Office Van insurance informing me that my policy has been cancelled. I was laid off in the first week after christmas and had to reign in my direct debits to avoid bank charges and missed two payments. I started back work last week and had been planning on paying the money owed in full yesterday but did not get a chance during the day and so thought i'd call them today. However what I am really annoyed about is that Post Office simply cancelled the insurance. No phone call just a straight robotic cancellation. I will freely
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