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  1. Still no reply from Orange response....... Going to send a written letter hopefully i will get some sort of reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have just sent the orange response a private message so i will keep you in formed on what happens.
  3. Hello I have been an orange account holder for 14 years now and before this year i ahve never had a problem with them, until now. I recently upgraded my phone to the sony ericcson X10 and in doing so had to sign up to a 18 month contract, i soon began experiencing problems with making and recieving calls in my own home. Either i get no signal or i have to answer the phone upstairs. I rang orange and spoke to a women in India who told my the mast in my town was down and it was probably the reason i was experiencing the problems that i was, she also got me to change a setting on my phone.
  4. Hi Johnathan i have emailed you yesterday and today and still have no reply from you
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