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  1. Hi what is the legal minimum spend on fuel in terms of litres
  2. is TV new in box? if so, then currys dont have to take it back as its used... i think consensus is no one would pay full price for a used electronic product, unless its heavily reduced... so the re stocking fee is so they dont lose out. if TV is not new in box and is on display (from your post it sounds like it is) then you should not accept a £20 re stocking fee... as its not brand new and it makes no difference you watching it at home compare to store.. but to be fair.... 8 seconds to switch from one channel to another... that dont sound right at all. have you googled this to see if other users are having same problem? if you argue on grounds its faulty/slow etc you may get exchange to full value
  3. t & cs states . In the unlikely event that your specificproblem takes over 21 days to repair, you may request a replacement product to replace the laptop it must be at repair centre 'being repaired' and not complete. and from 23rd dec to 13th jan, bare in mind xmas day, boxing day and new years day are official uk bank holidays, they have ''repaired'' within 21 days. and the delivery time scales are not included. plus another key word to mention is ''request'' meaning it can be denied for whatever reason.
  4. panasonic tvs are known to write lcd and model number on back of their tv on all led tvs... dont believe me. ...go to john lewis and look behind their tvs
  5. if its not working then surely someone has to prove it, not just accepts customers word. how do currys know that it was because of it being stored in garage? did they send engineer? website does not tell everything about ussage, likewise the sales man or woman wouldnt mention it either so you will have to look through manual what make/model is it? ashmk - going to JL because they price match is irrelevant. if they use engineers who say 'out door use not covered' even if its 1 day old. they will stick by their decision... lets see what OP has to say
  6. currys policy is 15 quid per cubic foot on freezer only anything is better than nothing but there is nothing on paper or black and white to sy they hav to do it.
  7. which retailer? has the goods been 'used' or opened but not used
  8. whats the issue? failed delivery? data loss? someone punching you?
  9. currys have a process of 'out of warranty' laptops by charging customers 50 pound for a report, but in certain circumstances if customers can provide their own usually they want a indep report confirming fault, cost of repair, if it cant be repaired why not and WHY it has happened, this is all in SOGA as when its outside of 6 months its up to the consumer to prove the fault was inherent, not just say 'its faulty' as this doesnt prove nothing. you could just pay currys 50 quid and their engineers will detail motherboard faulty and why, where as acer would only conclude 'motherboard faulty' and this is how much it will cost
  10. Wow , those images are crazy. ok basically when you take laptop to store for collection , you sign a docket, it outlines the condition of laptop that 'you' left it, what happens after is up to the 'group' whether itts damage by 'transport' or 'instore' = not your problem, can you scan a copy of this docket? (obvs hide your personal details) btw have you had the customer action team come back to you?
  11. ok, what did you report to them when you rung up. do you have any thing else covered with currys, have you ever claimed against them whats your 'spending' like with them? able to take a pic?
  12. OP are you on monthly cover or 5 year cover. have you ever claimed before? if so, what were they.
  13. yes and note the word since when did SOGA cover damage? pls explain
  14. Does any one here read what the OP said? im suprised ppl asking or saying soga or how he/she paid etc, its accidental damage dispute. not fault /manufacturers etc
  15. ring the people up and ask to speak to a COM , just mention COM and see the reaction of the person and say that you want a resolve asap. for a manager to authorise a write off and going against their word is pathetic, who did you speak to, did u take a name/ time etc.
  16. soga does that include 6 yrs on own branded tv? lets face it logik tv is no panasonic or sony etc. its like comparing tesco value milk to cravendale!
  17. Im no expert, but thats excessive time. on UPS site it says their search process usually takes seven to 10 business days. which company (repair) is this + have you tried emailing-writing or is it just phone calls
  18. how long has it been since you brought it to their attention and/or UPS have started investigating
  19. really? its over 6 months old, ownersis is on the consumer to prove via third party engineer report, not the ''Apollo Manager''
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