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  1. I recently submitted a claim to argos, for which you guys helped a lot. Now they agreed to refund/replace the non working item if I submit an engineer report. Problem is I haven't got a clue where to get one from. Anybody has any ideas please?
  2. Thanks for your replies! Just out of curiosity why is it not possible to claim under the european law ? Also does anybody know where to send the Soga claim? I found different addresses for argos and don't know which one to use thanks marco
  3. Hi all, I purchased a microwave from argos in july 2009 and now it stopped working. Changed the fuse and still not working. Taken it back to the store and they said the warranty is only for 12 months. I knew that under european regulations the warranty on electronic goods is now 2 years. Am i correct? Also browsing through this forum I learnt that I may be able to claim back under the sale of goods act s. 14, as item not fit for purpose. Any advice would be welcomed as I haven't got much experience in this sort of matters. Also does anybody know which address to send any eventual correspondence? Thanks, marco
  4. Hello, first post in this forum, I will try to be quick! I had an attempted burglary in july and my insurance (council building insurance) said that I had to submit a claim to Cunningham Lindsay. They called me and subsequentely sent me a letter stating that they were happy to pay for the cost of repairing the front door. They said that if I paid first and then sent them the final invoice they would reimbourse me fairly quick. I had a door installed nearly a month ago and even though I sent them the final invoice the same day I'm still waiting for the cheque to arrive. I tried to call them and they said that the lady that was dealing with my claim had left but that somebody else would look at my claim shortly. I tried to call them again just to be told that they were doing it straight away but obviously they didn't. I would like to know if anybody knows the legal time span in which they have to issue the cheque. The claim was approved by them in writing, surely they can't keep me waiting for 6 months? Or is this normal? Thanks for your replies Marco
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