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  1. well im 17, and i live with my parents i assume im not registered at that address :/ i dont know what to do because im not one of those people who jump the buses, its just that my 16+ ran out and i havent yet got my new one. And i find it unfair that i should have to pay a fine when i am eligible for free travel anyway.
  2. okay so my 16+ oyster just expired and i still havent received my new one. So i got on one of the bendy buses and didnt pay, because i am eligible for free travel on buses anyway, and what do you know, an inspector came on! Even after explaining to him that i havent received my new one, and i wouldnt have had to pay, he gave me a fine. I've just moved house, so i gave him my old address because i found it unfair to get a £25/50 fine for a journey i wouldnt usually have to pay for. Can they trace me? I gave them my real name, but wrong address. HELP please.
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