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  1. Hi all, Having recently started a business and been talked into looking into eBay more by a friend, I liked the sound of their £19.99 a month 'shop', which would allow us to display 200 items. What they don't tell you is that as soon as you list your 1st 5 items, it will block you from listing any more until you ring a costly number to find out what other hoops you have to jump through to be able to list any more! Added to that, we only had 1 evening to list our items due to other commitments so we had settled down to doing this when we were blocked from adding more listings. I s
  2. I'm just wondering if they'll 'lose' it... I'll update on here. Fingers crossed! Thanks for everything. Catwoman A.
  3. Thanks for the information dx. I really hope you're right and they don't bother with court action. I'll get the SAR sorted asap and sent on Monday and recorded delivery maybe - I'll make sure I retain proof of postage either way.
  4. At least they can't give me a 2nd default so just under 2 years before it disappears. Cap1 are still showing as the owners but they changed the account number on there - not sure if that means anything? Am I safe from a judgement if I ignore the other 2 then? That would be a relief! I will SAR Cap1 and let you all know when I get everything through. Can they take action against me while I'm doing that though? Not sure how long all this takes but will look that up. Thanks dx
  5. I remember the £6 over thing happened in 2006 now and then they added all of the charges etc and we made an arrangement to pay. It was 3 years later that I must have paid it late (I'm guessing) as they defaulted me then.
  6. This is what this debt looks like on my file. If I hover over each month, it tells me the balance each time, £1 less, including in the default month. I guess I made the payment a day late or something! Catwoman A.
  7. Thank you for your reply dx. Can I be defaulted again if one of my £1 (AP) payments is late? I wouldn't put it past them Cap1 to do that again if they can. I see what you mean about AP's now. I'll check back and see if I was defaulted with the others. I think I was but my memory's not what it was these days! I never thought I'd be potentially happy to find a default! If I were to win the lottery and settle all of my debts, then it would take a further 6 years for the AP's to disappear from my credit file (if they didn't have defaults) then? That sounds harsh. It is indeed
  8. Hi dx, Thank you for your reply. I was under the impression that it was just the debt in red that was the issue because that's what my last letting agent said was the problem one for them. They could see that all of my 'AP's' were up to date each month but nothing on the Cap1 one since April 2009, although they did notice that it was for literally £1. It still cost me extra money for a guarantor though - grr! I think they all defaulted around the same time (2009) but I will check that. I would love to be in a position to just wipe them out completely. Maybe one da
  9. It's good to hear that Freds can't take legal action. The others defaulted at around the same time but for them, the 'AP' shows on my credit file, instead of the red warning on the Cap1 one, which I was told is the one that letting agents don't like, even though they can see it only defaulted because of a £1 late payment from an arrangement. So if Freds buy the debt from Cap1, they/Carter can take legal action but if they are both acting on behalf of Cap1, these are just empty threats? It was taken out before (April 2007) so I think I will CCA them. If they cann
  10. Hi silverfox, Thank you for your reply. I am fine about the default - it's the 'AP' that's missing after April of 2009 that I have an issue with because that's what's causing me difficulty when I have to move. I should have mentioned that before that default, the 'AP' was showing each month up until then so I don't understand why they haven't done that after the default, as the others have. It seems that they can do it but just don't want to. I think it's payback for reporting them to the Ombudsman before. I would be perfectly happy to stay with them if they w
  11. Hi all, I was hoping you may be able to give me some advice. The background is this:- I had a credit card with CapitalOne but after poor health left me unemployed, I struggled to pay my bills and ended up using the card to pay for food when things got really bad. Unfortunately, I ended up going £6 over my limit and despite informing them of my situation (albeit via phone), the charges and interest just spiralled out of control until they had added hundreds onto my debt. They were calling me and my dad up to 5 times a day and I ended up reporting them to the Ombudsma
  12. Hi san-d, I've not read reviews on those before but thanks for the information - I shall check on there before using companies I'm not familiar with in future. I would never use them again and many others will not use them because of their behaviour either. Such a shame that companies behave this way! Catwoman A.
  13. Hi san_d, I hope you can complain about them to someone and get them to sort it out. It was only going through with complaining about them through Paypal that I had any luck but I never got to speak to them ever again (kind of glad about that really!). Catwoman A.
  14. Update: finally had a notification (and checked it!) that my refund has come through. Certainly will never use this company again! Thank you to everyone on here. Catwoman A.
  15. Hi, You're very welcome. I'm really pleased to hear that you managed to get the telephone interview too and it really helps that the WRAG advisor said that he shouldn't have been put into WRAG. I think even the advisors don't really want to have to put anyone through all of this! Thank you. I will let you know how it goes, although I have no clue at all as to when that will be! Take care and best of luck!
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