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  1. Or donate it to CAG so more people can receive help with the same problem? My best, HB Totally agree
  2. BTW you will mostly like still get the letters, you should expect about 6 in all...don't waste time and money on phone calls just ignore them...just be smart and read all the advise here and here - http://www.pepipoo.com/
  3. I have no idea why you even bothered to contact these crooks ...you don't need luck just ignore them they eventually go away...others please don't be silly and contact G24 or any of these crooks they don't understand meanings of phrases like..."your camera was wrong etc. etc."...they are only after one thing finding people who they can defraud...neither Wicks nor G24 have any point in law by which they can make you pay...why don't you give that money to a charity if you really want to spend it....
  4. Yep just collect them as souvenirs if you want I have a nice collection I must get round to removing personal details and posting the up when I get a few moments...I got six...the first one dated 20 Oct 2010 and the last one dated 12 Feb 2011...the last one was a final demand...I had 2 dated 21 Oct one was a Parking Charge Notice and another was a Final Notice...then I got two from CCS Debt Collectors same firm as G24 threatening me with dire consequences but have not had any since Feb 2011...they are just crooks so just ignore them...don't get spooked by the letters they are all different l
  5. Yes...they will send a few more and then stop...I got about 8 to 10 letters but all have stopped now...
  6. Hi Doug, The whole point about G24 and other PPC is that what they do is not enforceable in law. They try to scare people in paying by pretending that you have broken some law. There is no law as such to prevent anyone from parking in private land, the only one that can be invoked is the law of trespass or the law of contract. This means you are entering a car park of a firm like Homebase (where G24 operate) despite a notice which should clearly say that entering the car park will constitute trespass and you may be prosecuted. Doing that would defeat the whole purpose of out of town shopp
  7. Ha ha ha psml...I now have a good collection of these letters that I have kept...need to anonymise them, scan them and post them when I get a mo...you should get at least another 5...but don't feel too bad if u get 4...a friend only got six letters but I got 7...the last one was about someone calling round to knee cap me
  8. Just ignore you haven't broken any law, I could draw disabled signs in a piece of land and then send people threatening letters. This happened to a friend and he just ignored. You will get letters for about 6 - 8 months, there are copies of these around in this site and also see http://www.pepipoo.com/ , I had mine in September the letters have now stopped for about 2 months, last one was going to be a visit by the bailiffs
  9. I guess DVLA does not want to lose a good little earner, until the dopey English law is changed crooks like OPC will continue to thrive
  10. Yep...I got the first one last October and the last one in Feb...nothing more...just keep filing the letters away...so that you have enough for the rabbit
  11. Brilliant the more of us who do this the better...have u complained to the store or organisation on whose behalf the PPC operates?
  12. Sorry to hear that you contacted them Zedceebee...G24 and the rest are totally unreasonable people and you can't reason with them....please do go to cineworld and do what you say and also spread the word around in your college and the area about cineworld if they stonewall you...post your experience on Facebook also...there is a Facebook page on this topic....http://www.facebook.com/pages/You-dont-have-to-pay-private-parking-tickets-Spread-the-word/225644216626
  13. Yes brilliant I think the point that if Thurlow paid up in 14 days he would have to cough up £50 as opposed to £100 also demonstrated that this could not be shown as any kind of loss but a threat to deter trespass...this also sets the precedence that any one who parks in one of these car parks must be regarded as a trespasser so they should not be there in the first place rather defeats the object of the moronic superstores like Homebase etc. to use these crooks to provide parking...I do hope the new legislation will force them to have proper barriers with time controlled systems and properly
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