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  1. I Have just returned from the bank. The same thing has happened to me I took a small loan out agreed a payment date for it to be taken back as I knew I would have sufficient funds in the account that day. My bank was in credit on that day however Wonga state that for some UNKNOWN reason the bank was declining the transactions even though there were more than enough funds in my account to repay on the promised date like my agreement originally said. Wonga .com then stated that they did take some payment two payments of smaller amounts that day although the bank was declining it??. So basically to sum it up I had more than enough funds as promised so the money should have been taken out without any charges right! WRONG.... Wonga took 2 payments leaving the outstanding balance at 8 pound MY BANK WAS LEFT IN CREDIT ALSO. then they charged me 40 pound for not being able to take the full amount and told me I need to speak to my bank as they are responsible. I had to put extra money in to pay the charge or it would accrue 17.50 pounds each day it was not paid.... so i put in the money to pay the charge. Checked my account to see the payments were all clear and it was saying you still owe us money please call us as soon as possible. so I called wonga after 15 minutes on hold!!! I was told by a wonga representative that FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON AGAIN THERE WAS 82 PENCE LEFT OUTSTANDING ON THE ACCOUNT they had taken the charge out minus 82pence AGAIN MY BANK WAS IN CREDIT. the guy on the phone then said oh I don't know why its outstanding or didn't take the full amount ILL WIPE IT OFF YOUR ACCOUNT AND THEN IT WILL BE CLEAR!!!!!!!. this was at 4.45 pm so if I hadn't of got through to them before 5pm they would have charged me another 17.50 for the 82pence outstanding. I was also told that after this was cleared wonga attempted to take 40 pound again out of my account then put it back.... which means the money is lost in a loop for 3 to 4 days which is the money i get to live on and feed my kids!!!. I would like to know how to reclaim these charges as it wasn't my fault that the funds were not taken and the bank are taking no responsibility and neither is WONGA.COM. Also how far can i take this watch dog??? tv? newspapers i dont think they should be getting away with this...
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