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  1. Faulty Samsung Television - Model LE40B73BD :mad2: We had a faulty samsung television set, there are no parts for this television, you will most probably receive a refund of £200.00 from currys if you argue you will receive £290.00 refund from currys, no more no less, their customer service team, just want to argue and infuse situations, there are no apologies, will never purchase another samsung product or anything from Currys. :mad2: Samsung - THEY ADVERTISE OF 30,000 HOURS MINIMUM VIEWING TIME Which is a joke - we had the set just under 18 months before the television set had no power, no picture. We went to two indepedent companies for repair, both of which could obtain the spare parts as Samsung do not issue them. :mad2: There is a huge problem with Samsung televisions, however people are not informed of this... Google faulty samsung Televisions, there are 1000's :mad2: Samsung are aware, Currys Are aware the DSGI Group are aware, yet they continue to sell the faulty television sets. So after being out of pocket to the tune of £1000 :mad2: The telephone numbers we used to get through Currys Customer Service Telephone number - 08448 009 090 Currys - 0844 561 1234 PC World - 0844 561 0000 Dixons.co.uk - 0844 561 1111 :mad2: Be nice to them or they get very angry indeed especially a woman called Sue who thinks she has the power to talk to you like you are rubbish, wow she's a horrible person, truly awful. In fact at one point she informed us, that she was not going to offer a refund, as she doesn't think she has to??? Currys Customer service team are rude, offensive, obtuse and ignorant, if it wasn't for us the consumer they would not be employed, but hey we just buy faulty samsung televisions, what do we know? A very disappointed customer. Prepare to be fobbed off it will take time, you will have to contact your trading standards office for a reference number too, May I wish you every luck for refund of £200 - £290 - :mad2:
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