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  1. Following an endowment maturity I tried to make a large overpayment to my C&G mortgage this week. I'm in the position where the mortgage is in base rate plus and non-fixed so figured a payment of £25,000 would take me close to almost completing my mortgage - certainly on taget to sort it over the next 2 years.


    I call C&G get given the bank account and sort code to pay into, go onto my online banking and get a can't pay using this method. Call C&G again get told I can go into branch and make the payment using my debit card... so off I go.


    Branch say I can't make that amount of payment using my debit card and I should go to my bank and get them to make the payment.


    Go to my bank they tell me the sort code 30-00-00 will not accept CHAP payments above £5k :(


    Call C&G explain the run-a-bout and they can take a payment over the phone by debit card until I tell them the amount... Oh. I ask if I can make separate payments of £5k and yes I can do that, if I do one per day.


    C&G's advice go take the cash from my bank and take it to their bank to pay it in... :evil: Welcome back to 1980!!! Should I wear a sign saying mug me too?


    So, seriously is their best advice to go pay my mortgage in cash?


    I asked about cheque payment and yes I can do that if I make it out to CASH and write my mortgage account number on it. Really!? I have to get through two factor security for online banking, security questions for phone banking, but to pay a large amount of money I must use two of the weakest methods of fund transfer!


    Not even funny.

  2. My endowment was attached to the original mortgage from Barclays. I had to get a "Letter of Disclaimer" from Barclays saying they had no interest in the loan any more as I moved to a repayment mortagage about 15 years ago that paid Barclays. I continued paying into the endowment so the money all comes my way, but it appears I have a lot of hoops to jump through so it becomes mine!


    Barclays phone support was awful. trying to ask me for security details from a 20 year old account that was closed 15 years ago. It was impossible to satisfy them with an answer. However, a visit to branch with ID soon got the letter I needed.


    So unless your endowment holder is satisfied that their is no bank attachment in the endowment they won't pay out directly.

  3. Hmm, well I have the policy booklet and it doesn't say anything about it being optional, neither does it say it's compulsory - it's all about making a claim, definitions and eligibility. But the letter I have with it does say:


    If you decide you don't want this cover, please return the documents to us within 30 days, along with a note from you asking us to cancel the policy.


    We will cancel this policy as soon as we receive this information.

    So I guess that's clear, I could have cancelled the policy if I understood that it wouldn't affect my mortgage application, which I didn't.
  4. Do they say why? Or is it their usual first try bog off letter ?


    If you want to scan it in and let us have a look you might want to try and get them to change their mind before joining the queue for the FOS !


    Thanks for that I can't tell if it's a first pass standard rejection though, I'm not at all familiar with the process.


    I have had another thought though. I believe I had a life policy with Scottish Widows which was taken out to protect the other directors, we all did. So not sure it that's relevant at all.


    My complaint basically laid out that the bank manager and colleague turned up at my home to help me with a remortgage, but as part of that process they certainly required me to take out PPI as I would be unlikely to be successful with the mortgage application if it wasn't protected by PPI.


    Being paid by dividend, not salary the company would have paid me in the event of sickness anyhow. But the PPI was pitched more about covering the bank for the mortgage in the event the business failed. So I really don't think PPI would have done anyone other than the bank any good anyhow.


    I'll give them a scan in a bit.

  5. Thanks for the response. I was originally quite daunted by the prospect of trying to claim. But after reading for some time on here I decided "what's the worst that can happen?", I get nothing - so I don't have anything to lose by trying.


    I went onto what I thought was the site for Lloyds, downloaded the complaint form and started filling it in when I realised I needed one for C&G. So went to C&G downloaded the form and was surprised they're the same form from FOS.


    So now this has me thinking, all these PPI Clams Management Companies taking a big slice for doing little more than a credit search and filling out some standard forms! What a [problem]!

  6. Back in 2004 I thought things were getting a bit tight and I'd not long started a new job, I remortgaged to help finance paying off some loans. But at the time got talked into PPI and I thought it was a good idea to protect my repayments.


    But, the new job saw me join a company as a Director and so was self employed taking a moderate wage and annual dividends. So being self employed does that immediately exclude me from eligibility for PPI?


    I also find we're still paying it! :o So I've cancelled it as I now work in local Gov't where sickness would be paid for about the period PPI would cover and a change of circumstances would require a pretty decent notice period.

  7. Credit file may give some clues.


    Old boxes of papers in the loft or basement?


    So I should go sign up with Equifax/Experian or the like then? Will I get that detail from the first free 30 day type of sign up?


    No papers any where - she destroyed all the evidence :lol: I think once we cleared a debt she didn't keep anything unless it was the current loan used to pay the previous one.

  8. Up until 3 years ago I was totally uncaring about my money. Just buy what we wanted, when we wanted. If the balance at the bank was greater than the overdraft then play on.


    I've been fortunate to have reasonably paid jobs and left everything financial to the wife. Big mistake. I found out we'd been playing a lot of borrowing to pay off loans and finally escalating it to the point of the cash point refusing any money. No cash, no credit - Oops.


    A lot of reading on here helped me sort that lot out and now we're back in the black, and have learned how to stay that way.


    So we've had a few loans, lots of credit cards, but I have no real details on who from, when, how much etc. Pretty sure there will be PPI in there. So how do I go about finding out?


    I can't just fire off SAR's at £10 a time hoping someone will reply with something positive. So how can I discover who we borrowed from?

  9. I should have come back on here sooner. Thanks for your reply. First Direct did in fact eventually refund my money. I spoke with a very understanding lady who said she would do what she could, she said it maybe impossible, but she'd try. I being the pessimist doubted any good would come of it.


    A few months later and I get a mysterious payment into my account - no explanation, no letter follows and when I called they couldn't tell me anything other than it had be repaid. Maybe they even paid it back without getting it from the erroneous payee? I guess I'll never know.


    But in the week I got my money back my sons bank (Halifax) also took their money back off him - so we all end up even. But it seems a strange coincidence that that week all the transactions are reversed.


    It still makes me think though. What would happen if a multimillion pound company paid a million into the wrong account - hopefully mine? Would the bank still sit on their hands?

  10. Well this is still going on ... :Cry:


    Every time FD contact me they say "have I tried contacting the recipient?" FFS how am I meant to do that? All I have is an account number.


    I know it's my mistake, but if this had been a multi-,illion pound transaction would I still be struggling to get my money back? Surely the banks have some mechanism in place to recover a wrong payment?

  11. Well I thought I'd post - well, not an update. I guess it's an anti-update.


    No news. no contact - nothing since around this time last year. Maybe I should whisper as I don't really want them the remember. Chances are that because it's Christmas, karma might decide to kick me in the teeth. Let's hope not.

  12. Made a bit of an error last month. My son who's moved out and is subletting (let's not go into that), needed to pay his rent. As I was managing his account for him I tried to pay from his account, but it wouldn't allow me to setup a payee without prior authorisation - that's not bad.


    So I thought I'd be helpful and pay his rent from my bank "First Direct" as I could process any authorisation needed. So I pay and then transfer the money from his account to mine as I'm already an authorised payee from his account.


    Money out, money in - no problem... except his landlady has given him the wrong bank account number :!: Him not knowing what is going on goes to his bank - the Halifax, and they simply credit his account with the £225 - very good of them, but this is money from my account, so at some point they'll be wanting it back.


    Now I get in touch with my bank and ask them to chase up the erroneous payment. They start it off and I have to periodically ask for updates on the dates when they say they'll have more info. A month later and I'm now at the point where I get a message that the payee has been contacted by their bank and not responded, so I must wait another 20 days.


    In the mean time my son has now paid his landlady - which is just out of order IMO. But then he had the money to do it, because his bank gave him the credit the day he asked for it.


    So technically neither of us is out of pocket - yet. But it's got to happen at some point. His bank will want the £225 from him or me.


    But what are the rules regarding this kind of thing? Is there a chance I'll get my money back? I know it's his landlady's mistake - but she's been paid, so there's no hope of recovering it from that side.


    I've asked the bank what this means - but they're not the snappiest of responders and I thought I'd ask for another opinion.


    The day his bank wants the money back from him, is the day when his world collapses as he really can't afford to be out of pocket by that much... and neither can I right now :(


    You thoughts are most welcome.

  13. Do you have a receipt describing what you bought or a copy of the advert that says it has tax? If so then the tax should have passed on to you and the previous owner should not have cashed it in.


    Having said that it's highly questionable behaviour and one that most of us wouldn't even consider when buying a car. So your question about the validity of the previous owner getting a refund without you knowing is reasonable. But then you didn't have the tax disc and didn't check or apply for a duplicate, which legally is your responsibility.


    Unfortunately the DVLA aren't known for their understanding or their application of logic. So in your shoes my course would be as you have done. Kick up as much of a stink as you can. Demonstrate you acted reasonably. Get your MP to get involved, make sure you ask to go through the DVLA independent complaints process and basically exhaust all their options until they must go to court.

  14. I would think it's your car you can do what you want with it. In fact you may need to to pay the fees/fines for leaving a SORN'ed vehicle on the road. I'm sure the DVLA will have no sympathy for it's location as it should not have been SORN'ed if you kept it on the road. Regardless of having nowhere to store the vehicle. That after all, is not the DVLA's problem.

  15. Bit of an update..


    I posted off a letter on Wednesday, and emailed a copy to the email on the last letter i received from them, re-iterating the point regarding the Interpretation act, and saying I would be prepared to stand up in court and swear to such.


    I also included an invoice for the monies I was out of pocket, for sending all the letters ( stamps, envelopes, ink, paper, traveling to post office) totaling £11.39, just to see how they liked receiving bills, sort of in jest only.


    Aany way, Saturday I received my post, in the post was an evelope stamped from Newcastle Upon Tyne, I opened it and out fell a cheque for £11.39, no letter, just a cheque and remittance advice slip.


    Pictures or it didn't happen!!! That's just so impossible to believe :)

  16. Booyakasha!!!


    Dear Sir/Madam


    GCB LIMITED 05687574


    Thank you for your email.


    I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your objection to the striking off and dissolution of the above company.


    Please note that the above action has been suspended until 03/05/2011.


    If you wish to maintain the objection after that date, you would need to apply again in writing enclosing documentary evidence of what action you are taking against the company. This evidence should be received at least 2 weeks before the objection expires.


    If no evidence is received the striking off action will continue and this may result in the company being dissolved from the register of limited companies.


    Yours Faithfully





    Elizabeth Malpas

    Dissolution Case Officer

    Registration Customer Support


    Oh, you don't get away that easily!

  17. Pretty much a template letter they've sent back. Rejecting the Interpretations Act is something they can do till they are blue in the face, it still doesn't make it redundant under the law. Stick to your guns - write to your MP, ask to have it put before the ICA (DVLA independant Complaints Authority), then push it up to your MP again and have him complain to the PHSO.


    After all that turn up in court. Defend yourself politely and present your case stating compliance with the Interpretations Act and disregard their own process which has no legal requirement. Then hopefully walk out of court with your expenses paid and a big smile on your face... well that's what I'm hoping for ;)

  18. 9. The Applicant will not use or disclose any documents and/or information disclosed pursuant to this Order for any purpose other than pursuing a claim for infringement of the copyright of the Applicant in one or more of the Works.


    As MediaCAT have not yet proven they have any right to pursue this in the form of a claim, and hopefully Judge Birss will find that to be the case too. Then it should pretty much put an end to be these NPO's as MediaCAT have no right to them, nor could they sell them on to 100 Mile Media - who also won't have the right to claim.


    Doesn't stop them for applying for new ones, but hopefully Birss will sink that ship too.


    As a Limted company MediaCAT and Bowden may escape penalty. But Crossley is in real trouble, possible bankruptcy. We can but hope.

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