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  1. But am I missing something, I have never had dealings with them so how can they provide me with the details of what it is beyond the sums which would assumingly have to detail names & addresses bank details etc if it's not me?. Would I have to admit to being the person who had dealings with them to get that information, could that be used against me?. If they do and it's someone elses details is that not a breach of the DPA?. As I'm 100% positive it's not me they want and nothing to do with me why cant I legally ignore this as another persons debts cant leg
  2. Hiya, well the particulars of the claim is as follows: So as you can see it does't actually detail anything there, it just relates to the money they are wanting.
  3. Not to sure of the exact details of this as it may go back several years. I today received a claim form from a firm called Hegarty LLP based in Peterborough on behalf of a company called Welcome Financial Services (funny that the letter is dated 5 days ago yet it's sent first class). It seems to be to do with some finance agreement or loan. But I'm unsure as I have never had any dealings with this Welcome Financial Services at any time over any matter let alone this matter. I did have some letter from 1 firm or another a few weeks ago regarding this or a similar ma
  4. Seems we are getting various issues with 1 thing or another at the moment!!!. I got an LG tv from Richer Sounds 3 weeks ago from there clearance lines in what they call "open box" in what could be either ex-display, customer return or manufacturer repaired etc. In fact the staff in store said it was ex-display and they used to use it the same store I bought it from, funny how the store never noticed this problem. It was sold as coming with the full manufacturer 12 month warranty and I was\am intending to get the 5 year cover in the new year. But I've now noticed in the last week th
  5. Is that second year cover not free?, so a free additional gift thats not directly part of the item at all?. So how is the item itself not like for like for a price match policy?.
  6. If the tv has the batch\model details etc on the tv itself or packaging then that should be enough for a credit note I'd have thought as Tesco would certainly have those details somewhere within there system as they would need those such details for there own records to return damaged & faulty items back to the manufacturer?. But dont think you'll get your money back without a receipt, unless this is within there policy to do so as they would'nt be obliged to give a cash refund without a receipt. By the way, how long have you had the tv?.
  7. My partner a number of months ago got a couple of items from the cataglogue company isme. Everything was fine the first month. But every month since the statements are getting sent out and keep getting a £12 late charge each time. She is always paying a couple\few days before the statement says they want the money yet the next statement indicates they receive the payment late yet she is paying it within the date stated on the statement. She is paying it via the statement in the bank in person on a working day, always on a morning so the payment, like every other bill we have ever payed
  8. When we moved into our current address several months ago we was fully aware that the property would be under occupied due to it being a 3 bedroom property and there is only the 2 of us and a child. When trying to sort out the water, gas electric etc we asked for the water to be put onto a meter for the reason of being in an under occupied place knowing the rate they will charge is based on what they feel the average is based on full occupency as they state they can charge under government regulation etc and are highly concious of water useage anyway and figure by the use of a meter we wo
  9. Well today was the last day to receive the confirmation (14 days from the point of the call) , post has been (which is early for once lol) and nothing off sky at all, no confirmation in the post and nothing via email. Will have to wait untill later or tonight to call them again as my partner is the account holder and is out most of the day and with these things it seems they will only deal with the account holder. But either way as we have proof of sorts of a partial confirmation via email, if sky as I feel they might do try to deny notice was given, deny notice for the tv service was gi
  10. Well my mums partner lives and works mainly in North Wales, unsure of if it comes down to if the accountant in also in Wales or England?
  11. Well, first off this is for my mums partner and asking here as I cant seem to find the or a correct section to place this issue. Anyway for the last tax year my mums partner who is a self employed taxi driver and pays an accountant to go through all his income to correctly try and work out just how much he has to pay out to the tax man etc. He apparently paid the previous accountant about the £400 mark to sort his accounts out for the year and ended up with a a tax bill of about £1600 according to the first accountant. When HMRC looked at the details they refused the findings on the
  12. Thanks for the replies, still no confirmation via email or post reguarding the tv service to. Ok, we have untill tuesday of next week (10th) for those 2 weeks to be up with the termination date being the 27th. It's just that it seems strange and rather odd that they would leave it upto 2 weeks before they will confirm something that will terminate a little over 2 weeks after that. What if they dont confirm the tv service to, with only 2 weeks remaining after that?. Wont leave much time to try and get it sorted, then again it wont be our problem as we will not be giving another 31 days noti
  13. An update of sorts on the issue. We called Sky again last night about the issue and they treated us like we had not yet given notice to terminate the services at first (frustrating to say the least) we had to point out and explain the previous call 2 days earlyer, again having to explain why we are leaving for several minutes and keep telling them no to each offer and incentive they tried to push our way. Again highly frustrating as our notice had already been given and accepted, so to have to go through several minutes of please dont leave and incentive offers to stay etc is highly annoying.
  14. As per title we called Sky the other day to give the 31 days notice to terminate all 3 services, thats the TV, BB & phone line\servies. It was made very clear that we wish to terminate all services including the tv. We asked for confirmation that we have yet to receive in the post but we have however had an email confirmation and the actual termination date. And yes, we are outside of the 12 month contract so no issues there. However, the email only confirms the termination of the broadband, phoneline and phone package. No where in the email does it mention any notice to terminate the
  15. Just a little update, took it back yesterday explained the issue with the remote and the other issues I had with reguards to motion blur and an inability to get the contrast\brightness settings working properly etc. They had to test it of cause to verify the faults. As soon as they verified the issue with the remote they just boxed it back up and never bothered looking at the other issues. Like both myself and partner said when I told her, it sure sounds like they are fully aware of major issues with the remote\tv not receiving the signals on this set to not need to verify the other issues
  16. Should now be taking it back this afternoon (busy this morning) and faults verified, will be asking for a full refund rather than a replacement as the remote seems to have gone alltogether now after having a look at the settings last night to try and fix other issues!. I was trying to rectify why in the soaps for example the actors faces where often in some scenes (while other scenes are fine) look so lit up and bright as if under a strong light and the background scenery looking normal yet adjusting the settings for half an hour meant to get the correct brightness and contrast for people on s
  17. Thanks, will be taking it in tomorrow morning sometime hopefully. Annoyingly I cant even contact the store directly to try and book an appointment to make sure they can look at it there and then so will just have to take a chance they have someone available as tomorrow will be the only time this week I'll have the time to take it back. In all honesty I'd prefer the money back due to a number of issues with it and save several weeks longer and get a better branded set. But it they can show it is a fault with the set and an in store 1 works ok I'd think about taking a replacement just as
  18. To be honest I did little research but just came by it via the Currys website looking at other things and noted the drop in price from £499 and it being LED backlit and relative good customer feedback via the link from there own site at least. To point to that review link is interesting as thats 1 of the reviews since buying it I came by and even they noted the inability to get the remote to work properly as does many review sites and feedback it seems yet according the the guy on the phone last night they tried to give the impression there are no such known issues with the remotes and a
  19. Also to give some futher information all suggestions on the issue on motion blur on google suggest that the issue can be solved, well helped by altering the screen mode for the likes of sport, cinema, film, fast action etc & altering ther motion settings etc. As the Logik L423ED11 has no such settings to deal with different material and seemingly no settings to deal with motion then I'm left feeling I've bought us a load of crap that looks good on paper and can deliver a decent HD image yet really is not fit for purpose when viewing fast action images and scenes on full HD
  20. Called the store earlier, well no I did'nt and could'nt as had to phone a main central number it seems as per receipt number and got 1 of the trained monkies assuming I'd done none of the obvious to try and sort it. They did'nt want to know when I said there are reports of the remotes having issues being a known and reported problem since the model was released. The result after trying to humour the guy was the only was to get the remote to work was to stand right in front of the tv and even then I struggled to get the remote to work and the menu going off again several times be
  21. The actual model number is: L423ED11, I've done some google research this morning and it does look to be a common problem. Having looked at 3 seperate tech site reviews they all mention having major issues getting the remote to work properly. And there is also a lot of negative if mixed feedback on the motion blur issues to on the 3D side of things. All issues there suggest the 3D motion blur issue is down to as I thought after speaking to a friend the set only having a native 50 hz refresh rate and poor motion ability. Which as I now feel means nothing can be done to prevent the issues of
  22. Well I could see the IR light on my mobile phone camera while pressing the mute button. But stood by the sofa in the same room as the tv had no effect on the tv and the sound stayed on while trying this as suggested. All other remote items I can point in totally the opposite direction and they still work fine. This remote was pointing upwards to my mobile and seems to be working fine yet it had no effect on the tv. It's alomost like I have to be stood right in front of the tv for it to work which makes the point of a remote pointless. By the way at worse the furthest seating
  23. We bought a new tv from Currys this week in what seemed to be a to good to be true deal. It was there own brand Logik and was a 42 inch 3D full HD LED set for £399. Setup was easy enough but the remote did not want to work properly and even after changing the batteries it did not work properly at first and only occasionally works but is a pain to keep having to press the buttons several times for the tv to do anything so might be a problem with either the tv or the remote?. While the picture quality is great and highly impressed with the HD results from the sky box and blueays etc.
  24. We are actually very concious of energy useage and always have been. From what we can both recall we have not had the heating on any more this winter than last. In thinking the house is somewhat larger than the old house so extra pipe for the hot wather to go through etc. And just double checked the bolier and it is actually a little over 9 years old. But I do take on board that energy useage can differ in other houses reguardless of size and rooms used etc. How could we check or dispute a possable problem with either the boiler or meter?. It's a housiong association house so I guess
  25. Yes, the meter reading seems correct from what it was when we moved in to what it was for the final bill. It's just the sated useage is very wrong weather a faulty meter or boiler we just dont know and are unsure of where we stand.
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