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  1. I would just like to thank everybody for there help and time on shedding light on this very confusing issue:/ I have managed to resolve this traffic offence today and esmerobbo you were spot on mate:) I’ve spoken to the Police today and it turns out that this Traffic Offence has nothing to do with me; Joe public has given my car registration to the police implying that I was involved with a traffic accident on a road in my home town. When quite clearly I wasn’t, grrr and I get a very ambiguous threatening letter from the Police accusing me of committing an offence without giving me an
  2. Hi, thank you so much patdavies for your reply, the above post is exactly how the letter looks to me, I apoligise as I don't have a scanner unfortunately. I have been the registered keeper of the vehicle for approximately four years and I've lived at the same address for approximately eight years.
  3. CJU Satellite Criminal Justice Unit Po Box 144 Northampton NN4 0FS Tel: 03000 111 222 Ext: 5403 Fax: (01604) 875491 Our Ref: NK3676/10 Date: 04 October 2010 My address, Dear Sir or Madame, ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1988 SECTION 172(2) As amended by section 21 Road Traffic Act 1991 You are recorded as the Owner/Keeper/Hirer of a Vauxhall Vectra registration number *******. In (Home town) on Friday 10th September 2010 at 15:45 hrs the driver of this vehicle is alleged to have committed an
  4. Hi I’m looking for some advice regarding this below letter I received today through the post. As of yet I do not know what the offence is for, I’ve tried to contact the police but the CJU Satellite department that I need to speak to is unavailable today:/ I can only assume this is for a mild speeding offence or possibly running a red light, the latter is most likely as I think I may have done accidently last month. I received this letter today 5th October ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1988 SECTION 172(2) As amended by section 21 Road Traffic Act 1991 You are recorded a
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