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  1. Hi this morning I received a letter from Blackhorse thanking me for my request for a settlement figure, it then goes on setting out how much I owe and how much I pay every month etc. At the end of the letter it says "A copy of this letter has been sent to :fao:Kevin Dudley, cathedral motor company ltd." I never asked for a settlement figure, I have also never heard of Kevin Dudley or Cathedral motors!! I am absolutely horrified that some stranger has now got my account details and my address!! What can I do? Should I ring Blackhorse or write to them? Im really worried about this. Thanks.
  2. I always attend my gym on an afternoon due to my shift pattern I can't go any other time. Last week I went and they told me sorry but we now close for a hour for lunch! There is no other possible time that I can go and I'm tied into another 3 months of my 12 month contract so I will be paying but not attending! Is there anyway I can cancel it? They have told me no
  3. Thank you I think your right, I'm going to just ignore the issue and see if a letter comes. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I'm new here I hope I've put this in the right forum! My problem is yesterday my neighbour came round asking for my insurance details for my cat. I told him I don't have any and he said well you will be getting a letter off my car insurance as your cat has scratch my bonnet of my car. As there are many cats in the street I asked how he knew it was mine, he said he had it on cctv. I have had the cat for 6 years she doesn't go out much and I have never seen her on a car bonnet! Where do I stand? Will his insurance insist I pay for a respray? I have looked at the scratches they are just above
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