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  1. hi, should be front & back page of DN attached. i'd be interested to see what you think. cheers SH ..... along soon:!:
  2. Hi, would also like to know how linz 2011 got on as have received signed application form (late 1990's) with lots freshly printed sheets of T&C's in response to CCA request. cheers SH
  3. Hi all, have managed to scan DN (jpeg), would appreciate some advice on attaching to post - heids mince! cheers SH
  4. Hi alfwithhair thanks for gettin back to me so soon Having some probs with scanning at the minute but will try again later today. OC = Barclaycard & DCA = Mercers Cheers SH:oops:
  5. Received DN short time ago from DCA 'acting as agent for OC' (credit card), doesn't appear that account has been sold at any time. Not sure whether or not a DCA is allowed to issue DN if they dont actually own the debt - can anybody help please? DCA has messed up the dates / durations for putting right and further action that may be taken are ; (a) passing on to another DCA for issue of formal demand for payment of whole balance, and (b) registering the account details with a CRA. Date for remedy has passed but still haven't received anything like a termination notice - all seems a
  6. Good advice. How slow am I, thinking they want to us.....
  7. Thanks Fox, didn't expect such a quick response but much appreciated. Letter is drafted, it'll be addressed and mailed tomorrow. Is there any reason why postal order is preferred to cheque? SH
  8. Cheers L4u, will do. Watch this space for progress. SH
  9. my OH recently received a letter from Cabot telling they had bought account from Citi, NOA of same date arrived in same envelope - wot a surprise! Cabot letter says should still deal with DCA who had tried to recover for Citi - is this allowed? OH is going to send CCA request, should this go to Cabot? Plenty posts regarding antics of this combo, so want to want to set off on right foot, any help / advice welcome. SH
  10. hi finley303, from what i have read so far on this great forum it would appear that the burden of proof would sit with the OC but only a judge could determine one way or another if it got as far as court. You've done the right thing by informing the latest DCA that its in dispute. i'm sure there'll be some more knowledgaeable CAGers' along shortly who can give you the benefit of their experiences. cheers, SH
  11. Is there anyone out there, am I going in the right direction with this one? SH:?:
  12. I’m new to this, so apologies if it reads a bit long winded. Wrote to RBS when I was laid off from work and couldn’t manage monthly cc payments, wasn’t really surprised by the unhelpful & unsympathetic response received. Account was opened in early 2000’s so loads of interest & charges paid – that’s another fish to fry elsewhere. Long story short, account fell into arrears, credit limit exceeded due to lots of charges, DN issued, TN issued and they informed that Debt Recovery Dept would be dealing with account. I CCA’d them and received a bundle of papers which having read throug
  13. Cheers for that silverfox1961, at least if we can change or influence the eventual outcome or how its achieved, we'll be the better & wiser for it. SH
  14. I'd appreciate any advice from anyone who has had a similar approach from NR please. cheers, SH
  15. Credit card company have not responded to S.78 request for agreement, etc within the 12 + 2 days. I've prepared letter of dispute using excellent template from Debt Library, one query though! Para in letter refers to removal of all my personal info from their records iaw DPA, will I be shooting myself in foot if SAR submitted at later date (as they should have deleted all my info) or is it best just to omit this section for time being? Which way to go? Thoughts please.
  16. thanks sam614, original letter was passed on to family member involved however will do as you say if it happens again. cheers, SH
  17. My daughter and partner took out joint mortgage (she thinks it was a 'Together Mortgage) for a 100% mortgage and secured loan to buy their first home a few years ago. Long story short - daughter / partner split up, daughter moves out to rented accom leaving ex in house paying mortgage, or so she thought! Her ex then lost his job and moved out into rented accomm, she thinks he handed keys back to lender. Not sure exactly what happened re. disposal of house, she doesn't have any letters re. arrears, re-possesion, etc as ex made monthly payments. Northern Rock now writing / chasing her fo
  18. Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle with me if I dont get it right first time. Have been reading the various posts / threads, lots of good advice. Hope some one can help with this query - letter from creditor received for member of family who doesn't live with us, can anyone advise on suitable letter to get company to stop sending letters to our home. Any help is much appreciated.
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