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  1. Hi repo threat /sequenci, thanks for your input, are you able to shed any light on the points I raised in my last post #13? Was running out of time to reply regarding the cherished no. plate so wrote and told them that seeing as they had unlawfully rescinded agreement / recovered car, I still wanted to retain it & they woudn't be getting paid for transfer back to me....was I right? Also, have now received a 2nd DN, dates have changed, though still only allows 14 days from date of issue, only significant change is increased amount of arrears they now say is due. I was thin
  2. Hi vic, OH wrote to Barkingmad to point out that not only was DN defective/ineffective, the cca request was still outstanding and hadn't been satisfied. The letter concluded that by demanding payment of alleged balance in full they had terminated / unlawfully recinded any alleged agreement and that they would only be entitled to claim arrears, subject to providing a properly executed agreement. Within a few days OH gets a letter from 'in-house' DCA' advising that OC has 'agreed to accept a settlement offer' if OH calls within 5 days. Looks like a poor attempt to get OH to spea
  3. A quick update on events to date; Repo reps were sent packing, told them that I didn't have any notice of their visit, or paperwork from contract hire company and I told them not to touch car while it was on my property otherwise I would call police. They said would return next day after contract hire company had confirmed who they were and why they were there, which they did and car was collected next day. I completed inspection and signed copy to confirm responsibility was handed over to reps. After reading DN again, it looked ineffective (insufficient time for remedy, incorrect a
  4. Bumping - any comments / opinions on content and enforcability of attached (post #1) cca would be appreciated. Cheers SH
  5. Must be doing something wrong when posting as dont seem to be getting any feedback or responses! Well, no matter, sent Opus the 'bemused' letter asking why they were trying to collect on a disputed accout, no response yet, so we'll just have to wait and see what sort of response it generates, if any.
  6. Sent 'bemused' letter to C#puest informing account in dispute with OC, got reply back stating they had referred back to Cr*p1........doubt they'll get much sense there then!
  7. Could one of the site team merge with my original thread (Voluntray Termination - help / advice needed) please, started this one in haste / panic! Cheers SH
  8. This was a personal contract hire agreement and not a hp agreement so this didn't apply unfortunately. Had the agreement checked out by local TS who confirmed this was the case.
  9. Reps from Anglia Collections & Recovery Ltd have arrived (18:35) to recover Contract Hire car, have received DN but not TN, reps dont have any official paperwork other than photocopy of order from Masterlease - are they allowed to collect?
  10. Hi gettingsorted, Will watch your thread with interest to see how you get on. Have you had a letter similar to the one I attached in post #14?, not quite sure how seriously this should be taken or where to go from here. Cheers SH
  11. Well they (cr*pbot) eventually sent a reconstitured version cca, no mention of why it has been reconstructed or whether they actually hold the original executed agreement, which seems highly unlikely since this was originally an associates account which was later taken over by citi. I have sent letter informing that I still consider account to be in dispute. Still no sign of the DOA - they have informed that this is a sensitive document and is not available to me, is there any way of extracting this from them without having to go through CPR (or scot equivalent)? I queried the authenticit
  12. Hi andy87, Personally i'd never accept first response, especially when they've offered something which is probably a lot less than they know they should. You might consider calculating the interest due to you on top of all these charges and add that to your claim, they might sit up and take some notice then. You'll get a lot of good advice and support here, hopefully more experienced members will be along soon. Best of luck. SH
  13. Hi minmoo, I'm still waiting for a reply to cca request, meanwhile the accounts been put in dispute. I should probably report them to OFT as they've issued DN without having provided cca. I'll start a new thread for this one, feel free to look in and see how it goes. The phone calls don't bother me any more, the ones that do manage to sneak through I use for a bit of fun with my own security questions in reply to their questions, it frustrates the life out of them and they eventually hang up when they realise their not getting anywhere. The shop direct issue has gone a little qu
  14. Hi minmoo, This sounds remarkably similar to mine! Account was up to date, although paying exhorbitant amount of interest every month, and then when I asked them for a bit of help they withdrew credit facility and closed the account. I cca'd them some months ago because of their appalling attitude, and I became aware of my rights through this wonderful forum. Still no sign of a cca, account in dispute and they recently sent me a DN! This ones been simmering away while I dealt with more important priorities, but I'll be giving it a bit more attention now. They seem to m
  15. After receiving DN (post #10) from Mercers, OH sent cca request to Barclaycard, 12 + 2 days passed with no sign of a response and the 'Account In Dispute' letter was sent. Shortly after, OH received a short letter acknowledging request and advising that it was being dealt with and a response would follow asap. That was back in Nov 2010. Still no sign of an agreement yet, so imagine surprise OH got when a 'Formal Demand For Payment' dropped through the letter box from Barkingmad recently! Following advice from cerbusalert in post #14, the earlier DN was checked and a number of errors
  16. mcjohnson, As I mentioned in original post, we had managed to maintain payments however this was a struggle and therefore due to circumstances we decided early termination was probably best option since we had more important priorities. At time of original post, Nov payment was a week or so late and we haven't been able to make the Dec payment either, which is presumably why they've now issued the DN. Hope this makes it a bit clearer. SH
  17. Hi all, Just adding a quick update for your information & hopefully might get some helpful feedback. Sent a copy of the Contract Hire Agreement to local TS Office who were very good, had a good look through cca & got back to me within 24hrs with feedback although unfortunately it wasn't what I was hoping to hear. Basically, the Contract Hire company can charge total of monthly hire charges owing and still due up to end of hire period, although they did offer a discount of approx 28% for early settlement. Bearing in mind that we wanted to voluntarily terminate due to lac
  18. Hi all, Hope you had a merry xmas & happy new year. Have now received a letter from Opus regarding " your opus Credit Card" and December statement that I've never received. Also goes on to say that I've missed the last two payments (which is absolute b**ll*cks! since payments agreed previously with citi are all up to date!). Appears that Citi have gone ahead and sold account whilst it was in dispute and regardless that I'd written back saying I didn't accept the new Opus t&c's. I'm not quite sure where to go with this now, whether to write to Opus querying why they
  19. Happy New Year to All, A quick update, after writing to csf & csl (one & same really) got a letter back from CFS confirming they had closed their file and passed back to Cr#pone who didn't waste any time in passing on to next level down in the food chain (C#pquest). One letter and unanswered telephone message received so far, I'll read up on this lot before I get back to them. SH
  20. Hi Patma, Still haven't heard anything from Citi or Opus since I last posted, had expected Dec statement a week or so ago but nothing yet. I received what appeared to be a copy of a 'new' cc agreement (unsigned) between myself & Opus with letter from Citi notifiying me of transfer, which prompted me to reply telling them I didnt accept. I've tried to access the account on-line and found this was blocked, so no way of telling yet what interest or charges are being added. I'll post again when I hear from them. HTH, SH
  21. hi dx, after reading through 'Rankines', started to question whether I had got it right with the DN so havent sent letter yet referred to in my post #6. Thought it best to get a second opinion so I've attached a copy of original DN, would appreciate some feedback regarding its content, layout etc. I'd previously written to Cr*p1 challenging DN on 10 points which basically focussed on; (1) alleged breach of cluase which didn't exist at time of application form (which they supplied as signed agreement), (2) failure to make min payments in accordance with cl that didn't exist (
  22. Hi Carningli, I wrote to citi and told them that i didn't accept the new t&c's as the account had been closed some time ago (due to ridiculous interest rate hikes) and as it was also in dispute (no properly executed agreement) they shouldn't transfer to another creditor. Still waiting on a reply, Dec statement was due this week so should be interesting to see who its from. You might be better to start your own thread and hopefully one of the site team or other Caggers with similar experience may be able to give you some advice. Good luck, SH
  23. Hi dx100uk, Re. your earlier post #3 i've now got the full set (i think), cougar, power2contact & a recent letter from crdit solutions offering doorstep collections and asserting that i dont have the right to refuse access to my property! This is the first contact i've had from crdit solutions, their letter implies that they have been trying to contact me (which they haven't) & asks me to provide evidence of any dispute. It's also demanding payment of balance in full and requests that I contact them to make arrangements to pay. I see from their letterhead they're at th
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