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  1. I would be surprised if they cant do anything based on their knowledge of this long standing dispute. If you've made a complaint because you felt in fear for your safety, I would have thought they are obliged to investigate. it would be worth a follow up call requesting an explanation of what action they have taken. You should not have to endure threats of violence or intimidation from your neighbours friends , family or associates, especially if you were on your own property going about your own business at the time. The Protection from Harassment Act is intended to provide protection to harassed individuals such as yourself in such instances. Keep your spirits up.
  2. Hi DBL, Thanks for you advice. I really would like to keep my company as their is still a demand for the service I provide. I'm not refusing to pay the penalty, only disputing that it was applied unfairly, since it was a government funded / partly owned bank that closed the company bank accounts and effectively prevented the company from trading & employing accountant to do the business accounts. I would be interested to know if there is any chance of successfully defending this action. If not and I have to accept defeat, whats the worst that can happen? I really do feel that the CH / DCA has acted wrongly in this since they have raised an action which will take up court time, incurring more costs which they will then add to the existing penalty charge, even though I wrote to them explaining company situation. Grateful for any advise or constructive comments. Cheers, SH
  3. Thanks for quick response Martin3030, Penalties were applied by Companies House. CH = Companies House DCA = Lewis Debt Services, the debt collection agency employed by CH. Hope this helps, would appreciate any thoughts on how best to deal with this. Cheers, SH
  4. My small ltd company has been hit with a hefty penalty charge for late filing of accounts which it is unable to pay since it has effectively stopped trading as bank closed accounts over longstanding dispute and offset available funds to reduce overdraft. CH passed matter to DCA to collect payment, I told them business wasnt trading, had no income or assets (only me) and therefore couldn't pay. DCA has now instigated proceedings against company at local CC for payment of penalty charge with costs, even though I had written to them explaining that it was a pointless exercise. Can anyone offer some advice as to how to deal with this, I'm a bit concerned that DCA threatened that once they got a CCJ, if they couldnt get the money from the company they'd expect me to pay!
  5. Hi martin3030, Been workin away for a while, business is picking up, you'd actually think that the bank would seem reassurred by this but no, still making life as difficult as possible. Bank still slippin up regarding OH's account and making reference to it in discussions & correspondence with me, can you suggest most effective way of dealing with this. Cheers SH
  6. Hi Martin 3030, Sorry couldnt get back to you sooner, long day yesterday. Yes business acct still open, just, however I feel they would like to close this as they have placed so many restrictions on day - day banking (ignoring letters of appropriation, returning cheques even when accounted for in appropriations & adding charges for the privilage!) that its making it almost impossible to operate and costing time / money. Charges were mainly over fairly short period, June'10 to Feb'11 and only on current account overdraft, however they are now starting to add charges for returning cheques unpaid even after writing letters of appropriation and reaching agreement with them in advance of writing the cheques. OH first advised of their mistake in telephone call to branch and this was also followed up in letter of complaint to bank regarding no response to correspondence concerning all of my accounts. Actually have a letter apologising for 'their mistake' and assurance that it wouldnt happen again.....only to receive similar offending letter a few days later. Shortly afterwards OH received letter giving notice that they are closing OH's account even though its been managed well. OH has replied with formal complaint requesting explanation / justification for their actions & insisting that account should not be closed.....no response as yet. Grateful as always for any advice or support you are able to offer. SH
  7. Hi Martin3030, 'Tis the ever caring RBS! They withdrew o/d facility because limit was exceeded due to interest + charges on unauthorised borrowing + more interest + even more charges....... applied at a time when work was slow and not much income coming in. Went to them to explain position as soon as problems envisaged...met with a brick wall. SH
  8. Hi, Hope someone can give a bit of advice / help with this one. Bank has withdrawn overdraft facility on my business current account and have sent a few letters now asking for proposals to repay this however their letters also include OH's bank account details incl o/d balance even though OH's has nothing to with business and we have always had seperate personal accounts. Now OH has complained over phone that this shouldn't be happening, and they've acknowledged that its a serious failure, but the letters still keep coming with OH's details. OH wants to make a formal complaint to ICO, can anyone advise best way to go about this for maximum effect? Should OH write to bank first or go straight to ICO? Grateful for any advice or opinions. Cheers SH
  9. Bumping, would really appreciate some help with this one guys!
  10. Hi guys, Finally got some time to update this spreadsheet but need a bit of clarification if you wouldn't mind. Using the compiund interest calculator which Still_surviving kindly directed me to, is the interest compounded monthly or annually? Also, I was thrown off a bit because the spreadsheet which I used from the library churns out a different set of values from the compoiund interest calculator even when same dates / principal amounts are used, any ideas? Grateful as always for your help & advice. Cheers SH
  11. Well, not unsurprisingly, no reply from RBS to letter of appropriation. I called local RBS Business Relationship Manager who confirmed she had received her copy and tried to get someone in their Business Collections Team for me to speak with. After a number of unsuccessful calls on my behalf (allegedly), her only advice was that I should phone their 'team' to discuss my proosals to settle account and whether they might allow me to withdraw some of the funds that they had mis-appropriated. She also suggested that I should arrange alternative banking facilities and when pushed on the matter, reluctantly confirmed that RBS were no longer going to provide me with a business banking facility. I've stopped any further payments from being made while I sort out another bank account. The RBS have certainly not been 'fair' or 'sympathetic' in their dealings with me and have caused so much stress, anxiety and hardship for me and my family, they've worsened our financial situation without us spending a penny! Any advice on what my next steps sould be would be really appreciated. Cheers, Sare Heid
  12. dx100uk, Wow, thanks for such a quick response! I'm concerned that the letter of appropriation will fall into the same big black hole (bin?) as all my other letters, how long should I give them to respond, I wouldn't want another payment into the account to be consumed by them. If my experience with RBS is anything to go by, it could take weeks to get another business account up & running. Cheers, SH
  13. Good Morning to the 16 guests, if you happen to work for the RBS, get your act sorted!
  14. Hope someone can help me with this one. Business bank account with RBS however shortage of work over last few months meant no money paid in, o/d maxed out. Kept getting computer generated letters asking for proposals for payment but when I respond with specifics I get no response other than more computer generated letters asking for proposals. Local Business Manager washed her hands of account as soon as I could see I might need their help, passed me on to their Business Collections dept, a faceless bunch who can do nothing more than read of a screen script! Despite many written requests they wouldn't even stop charges or interest on o/d and thats what has taken the o/d beyond original limit and now I'm incurring even higher charges for 'unauthorised borrowing' ! Recently managed to secure some contract work and wrote to them to advise anticipated value, payment pattern etc and asked that they temporarily increase o/d to cover initial start up costs and that the o/d be reduced over a period of months back to original limit. They couldn't be bothered to respond. First payment went into the account recently and they kept the lot, didn't even leave me anything to pay wages, expenses, suppliers, VAT, paye/ni........not a penny. Called their business collections dept, "sorry, we haven't received any letters or faxes, nothing we can do without these, anyway its down to you as you owe the bank the money". This has really got me p****d off, isnt their some kind of regs or banking code that prevents them from behaving like this? This organisation, and many others no doubt, seem to think they are above the law. Im having to rely on goodwill and support of family, etc to get me through at the moment, I feel I'm working for absolutely nothing at the minute. Sorry if I've ranted on but my blood is still boiling, I'm probably not the first that this has happened to and I'd appreciate any helpful advice / support / comments from others. How easy would it be to open another business bank account with another bank?. Cheers SH
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