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  1. The estimates reflected historical pattern of usage: Same family in same house with same equipment for eight years. Suddenly, an actual meter reading reflects 4X usage. (Personally, I believe that in any case, nPower has the obligation to advise IMMEDIATELY of a major change in service being provided. Any other business would. Nevertheless, their 4 month old "discovery" is simply impossible given the residence and the usage. As such, I believe either the numbers are fraudulent, or the meter was operating in error for the "anomalous period". There were major roadworks going on just f
  2. Greetings, All: I've had a dispute with nPower over a mystery billing period where they claim my usage quadrupled (utterly impossibly), then returned to normal. I questioned the charges and for ten months nPower was unresponsive. I then discovered The Energy Ombudsman. Thankfully they "took my case." And so, I figured I had a chance - at least at a compromise. But TEO's final report is unacceptable to me, weighing 98% in nPower's favour. I feel TEO has not compelled nPower to investigate, nor has TEO investigated. In short, a good song and dance, but with zero real action. Perhaps
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