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  1. sorry just thought i should add i did have post natal depression 2003 and was on the sick and not working at the time i took the policy....didnt think untill just know...its such a long time a go....will that have an effect xx
  2. Hi there, thanks so much for getting back to me yes was the beginning of the year i first contacted them to make a complaint....i dont really know much about ppi claiming...what is a fos?? should i have sent one? I will send a SAR then and request the telephone call etc do i need to do this questionnaire thing too....i have no paperwork etc or anything regarding this ppi and usually i keep everything so i just dont know whats happened....will that affect things xxx
  3. Hi there people, hope you are all well.... Okay basically I had "PPI plus Property" as they call it on my studio account for 6 years dating from 2004 to 2010. I actually cancelled the ppi in April 2010 when i realised on one of my statements i was paying for it. I never actually knew i had it until this time and although I wish I had brought it up with them at time of cancelletion I had been quite poorly in and out of hospital all through 2009 and 2010 so it wasnt exactly ont the top of my things to do list..... Anyhows I contacted studio complaining at the beginning of the year and requested a refund of the ppi payments i had made since i apparently took it out....they have wrote back weeks later may i add after initially saying that a complaint had not been logged saying they wont refund it etc etc They say ppi was sold to me over the telephone when i once placed an order in 2004, they say a copy of the terms and conds were sent by post detailing cancellation rights alongside a welcome letter asking me to read the documents carefully...they also say they sent further copies when the scheme changed underwriters etc, they also state they obviously send statements every 28 days which would show this ppi on resulting in 58 statements in total. They advised it is a additional optional service which covered the account holder and partner/spouse at the point of claim, it provided hospitilisation, life benefit and al purchases were covered in respect of theft, accidental damage, fire and flood for a full 2 years regardless of employment status, they advise elements of this cover were availble to me and potentially all elements available to my partner.... They go on to tell me to complain to the ombudsman etc etc.... My question is what do i do next....im not sure exactly how much i have paid in ppi......i have been in and out of hospital since 2006 and on long term stays too so if i had know about the ppi i would have used it......we have life insurance etc etc, we have home and buildinggs insurance and have done for years with other companies....why would i take something out that we dont need. I bought a DS Lite for family in 2009, they was accidentally damaged not long after having it....if id known about ppi i would have claimed it back/got a new one etc etc however it works etc My thoughts were that I should right back to them explaining all the above in detail.... Should I also request a copy of the "call" in which i agreed to this ppi..... Do i request a copy of all 58 statements so i can see how much they have ripped me off!!!! They say as the policy was sold before the fsa general insurance regulations came into force they believe it would fall outside the ombudsmans jurisdiction...what does that mean.... please help....any advice would be greatly appreciated xxx
  4. no I was getting paid maternity leave and just had a month off unpaid after 39 weeks of statutory maternity pay I wasnt ready to go back due to post natal depression but cannot afford to stay off any longer...although to be honest am not sure if either way is going to benefit me at all!!! xx
  5. lol thank you....i do intend to speak to my employer on tuesday when they reopen after the holidays, do you know anything about the wtc query at all? if not its okay I will just ring them too on tuesday they will prob be able to advise me best am just sat here worrying myself over everything xx
  6. p.s when i rang the tax credits office to change my claim from joint to single they said i would be entitled to wtc when i go back to work.....but im not sure if that applies with me going on sick leave after unpaid maternity leave??? am a making sense....feel like im just sounding confusing xx
  7. I was with my babies father but we split up a while a go, when I was living with him we werent entitled to any wtc/housing benefit etc because of his income, as we have split up I was attempting to go back to work as I simply dont think I can survive on benefits and dont want to as a long term thing, Ive always loved having my independance but due to circumstances and my PND I cant go back at the moment. Am surviving on ctc and cb at the moment and just about to apply for housing benefit etc.
  8. Bit of a queer one but im officially due to go back to work on tomorrow 2nd jan but will be returning tuesday 3rd jan because of the bank holiday....currently on unpaid maternity leave and recieving only child tax credit and child benefit, basically I was diagnosed with pnd some time ago and although i thought i would be okay to go back to work I dont think I am. I know im probably not going to be entitled to ssp through work as i have not been earning for the required qualifying weeks as on unpaid maternity leave but that i can apply for it through the government...what i am questioning though is im not getting working tax credits as when your on unpaid maternity leave you are classed as not working ( dont know why ) but when i go back to work i will be entitled but as im returning pretty much straight on sick leave will i still be entitled to it? does this make sense? very confusin and could just generally do without all the form filling and crap at the moment??xx
  9. Hi there, Was wondering if anybody could help me and give me some advice. Bascially I am on maternity leave due to go back tow work in January, it doesnt look like for medical reasons that I am going to be returning back to work. I have debts amounting in about £5000. Mt Oh pays is going to be paying all the bills as my income is going to be very limited to SSP or ESA depending on whether my employement will give me SSP. It is going to be a sturggle to pay my debts....I do not believe a debt management programme is going to benefit me as I would not even be able to afford £1.00 a month to each creditor. I have been told about Debt relief orders. Now I am not taking this decision lightly and would like to know a couple of things I cannot find answers to. Bascially does my OH have to be included in a DRO. His credit rating is brilliant and of course I dont want it to affect him....any advice?xx
  10. good idea!! Also do you know who barclays pass their accounts to when they close them, at the moment they are still with the collections team but evern though they "havent recieved my proposals" and told me to get the CAB or a DMC involved and send them the proposals they said they probably would be able to accept such low payments but that when they close the accounts and send to their recovery agents they may be able to.....i just get told different things all the time but i have been writing all the conversations etc down so i know what rubbish they keep spouting off at me...are barclays notoriously difficult to set up payment arrangements with, baby due anyday now and would really like to sort it with them xxx
  11. thats what i thought, also setting up a dmp will just be even more hassle and time for both them and myself and i also thought that a dmp proposal would be less money than what im probably offering! I didnt send them recorded!!! doh! but i am going to send them again this week recorded, i should have done it first time round but as i had been sucessful with others i didnt think id have problems espcially with a big organisation. obviously not! lol so do i not have to send income and expenditure or is it a good idea to back up my proposals?xx
  12. Hi there, thanks for your reply....I didnt think i had to do a dmp, but they were quite insistent they wouldnt accept my proposals if i wasnt, I have definately been reasonable regarding my proposas and even told them i would be able to reivew the situation in 9 months time when i go back to work etc. Thanks for the advice. I think I will send the proposals again...one last time.....and then just start making my payments and if the have issues then they can get in touch with me..... such a mission with these people. Ive had hardly any problems with other creditors so far and been realy suprised at how easy things have been...theres always one though lol xx
  13. Hi all, hope your all okay, just wondering if you can give me some advice on these people. Have 2 different amounts owed on two different accounts, dont even ask how i got into that situation its a long story lol...however i contacted them to advise i had taken some advice and sent them proposals of payments alongside my income and expenditure.... I have had to send this twice as they say they havent recieved it....the know how much ive proposing, they know im on maternity leave and this is the reason i have been unable to offer more etc.....they told me to simply wait for them to get back to me as my proposal paperword will be in the process of being dealt with... I then got a phone call saying they still hadnt recieved it and in order for me to deal with them i would have to contact somebody to deal with on my behalf like a debt management company....I asked them why i would need to do this as I have sent them all the information that they would be sending them anyways and she just said they would prefer to deal with a dmp.......i dont see why or how this make any difference, can somebody please explain to me....they have put my accounts on hold for 14 days while i look into this, i dont feel the need to have a dmp as i have dealt with most of my creditors myself and am really doing well in setting up payment plans.... any help/advice would be great xx
  14. Whoo Hoo!!! JD Williams have refunded charges of £180.00 taking my balance to a simple £17.00!!! Take faith in my success boys and girls, it can be done xxx
  15. I wouldnt have a clue what a tomlin order is huni, or what normal practice is. Ive been sucessful with Fashion World and The Brilliant Gift Shop but am still waiting to hear from JD Williams. Hopefully somebody else will be along to help you further xxx
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